The Web Team can create aliases for URLs at the request of content coordinators. An alias is a shortened version of the URL- easier to remember and more suitable for print publication.

Please note that an alias must be approved by the Web Team and Marketing BEFORE it is distributed for print publication, social media or other purposes. This is because the requested alias may not be approved in all circumstances.

To request the creation of an alias log a job with the Service Desk. Include the full URL and the requested alias in the job request.


Full URL:


Alias conventions

Note the following conventions when considering your alias request:

  1. Whole words should be used except where abbreviations are universally understood
    e.g. instead of
  2. Lowercase letters only
    e.g. instead of
  3. Aliases will not be created for documents (PDFs, Word docs etc)
  4. Words may need to have a hyphen between them to aid readability