Research Committee

2019 meetings

MeetingDateTimeLocation Agenda paper deadline Agenda
(members only)
1/19Thu 7 Mar 10.30-12.30 pm        
Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill)
901-245 (Berwick)
22 FebAgenda
(pdf,18 mb)
Minutes (pdf, 144 kb)
2/19Thu 9 May 10.30-12.30 pm        
F200 (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill)
901-245 (Berwick)
27 Apr Agenda
(pdf, 2.6 mb)
Minutes (pdf, 157 kb)
3/19Thu 27 Jun 10.30-12.30 pm        
Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill)
901-245 (Berwick)
14 JunAgenda
(pdf, 5 mb)
Minutes (pdf, 80 kb)
4/19Thu 15 Aug 10.30-12.30 pm        
Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill)
901-245 (Berwick)
2 AugAgenda
(pdf, 5.9 mb)
Unconfirmed minutes (pdf, 109kb)
5/19Thu 24 Oct 10.30-12.30 pm        
Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill)
901-245 (Berwick)
11 Oct 
6/19Thu 28 Nov10.30-12.30 pm
Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill)
901-245 (Berwick)
15 Nov 

Membership 2019

Position on committeeName
Chair, pro tem Associate Professor David Piedrafita
(term end 31/12/19)
Deputy Chair

Professor Erica Smith
(term end 31/12/19)

Ex-Officio members 
Chair, Academic Board or nominee Associate Professor Elisa Zentveld
(term end 31/12/20)
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) or nominee Professor Chris Hutchison
Chair, Research Higher Degrees Committee

Professor Fadi Charchar
(term end 31/12/20)

Associate Deans ( Research) 
Federation Business School Professor Philip Taylor
School of Arts Professor Erik Eklund
School of Education Assoc Professor Robyn Brandenburg (Acting ADR)
School of Health and Life Sciences Professor Peter Gell    
School of Nursing and Healthcare ProfessionsA/Prof Jo Porter (Acting for Professor Simon Cooper until 4 October 2019)
School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology Professor Guojun Lu
Two Emeritus Professor Robert HT Smith Professor and Personal Chairs:Professor Britt Klein
Director, Library and Learning SpacesMs Sue Owen
Director, Research Services or nominee vacant
Chair, eResearch Advisory Committee Dr Kay Steel
Elected members        
One teacher from FedUni TAFE Mr Liam Frost-Camilleri
(term end 31/12/20)
One Higher Education academic (Level A-C) Dr Gour Karmakari
(term end 31/12/20)
One Higher Education academic (Level D-E) Professor Joarder Kamruzzaman
(term end 31/12/20)
One Federation University Australia HDR student       Mr Muhammad Saleem Malik
(term end 31/12/19)


Academic Secretariat, Corporate Governance
Phone: +61 3 5327 6456

Past meetings

2018 meetings

March Confirmed minutes 1-18 (pdf, 1.5 MB)
MayConfirmed minutes 3-18 (pdf, 82 KB)
JuneConfirmed minutes 4-18 (pdf, 118 KB)
AugustConfirmed minutes 5-18 (pdf, 91 KB)
September Confirmed minutes 6-18 (pdf, 129 KB)
OctoberConfirmed minutes 7-18 (pdf, 123 KB)
NovemberUnconfirmed minutes 8-18 (pdf, 173 KB)

2017 meetings

February RC 1-17 Minutes (pdf, 146 KB)
March RC 2-17 Minutes (pdf, 76 KB)
May RC 3-17 - Minutes (pdf, 281KB)
June(Reserve) RC 4-17 - Minutes (pdf, 82KB)
August RC 5-17 - Minutes (pdf, 117KB)
RC 6-17 - Minutes (pdf, 141KB)
October RC 7-16 Minutes (pdf, 142KB)
November RC 8-17 Minutes (pdf, 133KB)

2016 meetings

February RC1/16 (pdf, 4mb)
March RC2/16 (pdf. 95kb)
May RC3/16 (pdf.83kb)
June RC4/16 (pdf.101kb)
August RC 5/16 (pdf.126kb)
October RC 6/16 (pdf. 99kb)
November RC 7/16 (pdf. 91 kb)

2015 meetings

January Minutes 1/15 (pdf, 80kb)
February Minutes CR 1/15 (pdf, 37kb)
March Minutes 2/15 (pdf, 77kb)
April Minutes 3/15 (pdf, 133kb)
May Minutes RC 4/15 (pdf,111kb)
July RC5/15 (pdf, 189kb)
August Minutes RC 6/15 (pdf, 147kb)
October Minutes RC 7/15 (pdf, 191kb)
November Minutes RC 8/15 (pdf,174kb)
Circulatory Resolutions RC -CR 8/15 Minute (pdf, 618kb)

2014 meetings

January Minutes 1/14 (pdf, 70kb)
March Minutes 2/14 (pdf. 77kb)
April Minutes 3/14 (pdf, 81kb)
May Minutes 4/14 (pdf, 69kb)
July Minutes 5/14 (pdf, 61kb)
August Minutes 6/14 (pdf, 69kb)
October Minutes 7/14 (pdf, 81kb)
November Minutes 8/14 (pdf, 79kb)