Approval Authorities

Approval Authorities are responsible for approving the final draft of policies and procedures before they are published in the Policy Library.

For existing policies, the Approval Authority is listed in the footer of the document. When developing new policies, the table below can be referenced to assist in determining the Approval Authority.

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Policy/Procedure typePolicy/Procedure subjectsApproval Authorities

Statutes, Regulations and Standing Resolutions, Strategic Positioning, Risk Management, Fiduciary Responsibility, Delegations of Authority, Legislative and Common Law Compliance, Appointment, Performance and Remuneration of the Vice-Chancellor, Employment of Staff, ESOS

Approval of procedures relating to Governance policies may include:

  • Council
  • Academic Board
  • VC Senior Executive

Note: Standing Committees of Council may endorse policies and procedures to Council for approval.

Only Council has the authority to approve Council-owned policies and procedures

Learning, teaching and research

Academic Quality Assurance and Standards, Quality of Learning and Teaching, Curriculum Design and Delivery, Research and Research Training, Assessment, Progression, Entry Requirements, Academic Grievances and Appeals

Approval of procedures relating to learning, teaching and research policies may include:

Academic Board

Appropriate DVC

Note: Standing Committees of Academic Board may endorse policies and procedures for Academic Board to approve.

Committees are not authorised to approve academic- or research-related policies and procedures


Assessment, Student Support and Services, Academic Performance, Enrolments, Student Fees and Refunds

Academic Board or relevant VC Senior Executive or delegated Director.


Facilities Management, Records Management, Human Resources, Finance Administrative Processes, Information Technology, Marketing and Communication, Student Administration Processes, Risk, Health and Safety

VC, Senior Executive or delegated Director.