Written/text conventions

The presentation of written text should be consistent across the website.

Web pages, files and text must follow standard conventions. This ensures that pages, menu items, browser titles, downloadable files and web content have meaningful and consistent names and presentation for the reader.

To meet this requirement, these conventions should be followed:

  • Use whole words, except where abbreviations are universally understood
    Correct: 'Union Collective Agreement' 'Mt Helen Campus map.doc'
    Incorrect: 'UCA' 'mth_camp-2.doc'
  • Page titles and headings should be sentence case
    Correct: 'Contact us' 'Written/text conventions'
    Incorrect: 'Contact Us' 'Written/Text Conventions'
  • Upper case should not be used for words
    Correct: 'Information sessions'
  • Bold or italics should be used for emphasis rather than underlines
    'Bold' or 'italics' should be used for word/phrase emphasis rather than 'underlines'.
  • Font faces, colours or sizes must not be specified in the HTML code
    Select options in the WYSIWYG editor to ensure the standard text presentation is not over-written
  • Headings should not end in ':' or '!'
    Correct: Meeting location
    Incorrect: Meeting location:

    Correct: Note
    Incorrect: Note!
  • One space (only) at the end of a sentence.
  • Numbers up to nine should be written as text. Larger numbers should be written numerically.
  • Phone number format
    (03) 5327 9363 (note spacing). Phone numbers should not break over two lines.
    If content is directed at an international audience, use the format +613 5327 9363. If content is directed at a Victorian audience remove (03).