Membership, Charter

Terms of reference

  • Download the Academic Board Charter  (pdf,241 KB)
  • Download the Federation University Australia (Academic) Regulations 2022 (pdf,705 KB)

Standing Orders

  • Download the Standing Orders of Academic Board (pdf, 266 KB)
  • Induction - Principles of Academic Governance (ppt, 332 KB)

Membership 2023

Position on Academic BoardName
Chair Professor Bernadine Van Gramberg
(term ends 31/12/24)
Deputy ChairLiam Sloan
(term ends 30/09/24)
Ex officio members
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Wendy Cross
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) Professor Chris Hutchison
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global and Engagement) Carolyn Chong
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive TAFE Liam Sloan
Chief Learning Experience Officer Samantha Bartlett
Chairs of Academic Board Standing Committees
Chair, Curriculum Committee Associate Professor Linda Wight
(term ends 28/03/2025)
Chair, Learning and Teaching Quality Committee

Professor Nina Fotinatos

Chair, Research Committee Professor Shane Thomas
Executive Deans 
Executive Dean, Institute of Education, Arts and Community (IEAC) Professor Claire McLachlan
Executive Dean, Institute of Health and Wellbeing (IHW)Professor Remco Polman
Executive Dean, Institute of Innovation, Science and Sustainability (IISS)Professor Iven Mareels
Elected members:
HE academic member (Level D - E) Professor Georgina Willetts

(term ends 30/09/24)

HE academic member (Level B - C) Dr Gopi Chattopadhyay
(term ends 30/09/24)  
Member of TAFE Curriculum Leadership Team
Sharyn Wright
(term ends 30/09/24)
Member of TAFE Skills and Education Delivery team Tammy Ballard
(term ends 30/09/24) 
HDR studentTracy (Jingyan) Zhou

(term ends 30/09/24)

HE studentKhushi Shah

(term ends 30/09/24)

TAFE studentVacant
(term ends 30/09/24)

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