Higher Education Curriculum Committee

Membership 2022

Position on committee Name
Chair, Higher Education Curriculum Committee Dr Linda Wight
(term end 31/12/22)
Deputy Chair, (elected one year term)

Associate Professor Lara Wakeling
(term end 31/12/22)

Ex officio members 
Chair, Academic Board or nominee Dr Shaun Watson (nominee)
Chair, Learning and Teaching Quality Assurance Committee or nominee Associate Professor Annette Foley
(term end 31/12/22)
Chair, VET Curriculum and Quality Committee or nomineeLiam Sloan or nominee
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) or nominee Professor Wendy Cross
Manager, Registrar Services Sharon Austin 
Executive Deans of Institutes or their nominee:
Institute of Health and WellbeingAssociate Professor Karen Missen (nominee)
Institute of Education, Arts and CommunityDr Anitra Goriss-Hunter (nominee)
Institute of Innovation, Science and Sustainability

Dr Lara Wakeling (nominee)

Dean, Global Professional SchoolProfessor Guojun Lu (nominee)
Elected members
One member of the TAFE delivery team Michael Grant
(term end 31/12/22) 
One higher education academic Dr Cameron Van der Smee
(term end 31/12/22)
Co-opted members 
Senior Manager, Academic ProgramsHelen Ryan (term end 31/12/2022)

2022 meetings

MeetingDateTimeLocation Agenda item deadline Agenda
(members only)
HECC 1/22

8 February

1.30 pm - 3.30 pmvia TeamsTuesday
25 January
Agenda 1/22
(pdf, 12.4MB)
(pdf, 260 KB)
HECC CM 1/2214 - 16 FebruaryCirculatory meetingAgenda CM 1/22
(pdf, 588KB)
(pdf, 64 KB)
HECC 2/22Tuesday
15 March
1.30 pm - 3.30 pmvia TeamsTuesday  
1 March
Agenda 2/22
(pdf,1 MB)
Minutes (pdf, 288 KB) 
HECC CM 2/22 28-29 MarchCirculatory meetingAgenda CM 2/22
(pdf, 748 KB)
Minutes (pdf, 153 KB)
HECC 3/22Tuesday
10 May
1.30 pm - 3.30 pm via TeamsTuesday
26 April
Agenda 3/22
(pdf, 1.8 MB)
Minutes (pdf, 198 KB)
HECC CM 3/2223 -29 JuneCirculatory meetingAgenda CM 3/22
(pdf, 429 KB)
Minutes (pdf, 104 KB) 
HECC 4/22Tuesday
19 July 
1.30 pm - 3.30 pmvia TeamsTuesday  
5 July
Agenda 4/22
(pdf,  1.3 MB)
Minutes (pdf, 260 KB) 
HECC 5/22Tuesday
13 September
1.30 pm - 3.30 pm via TeamsTuesday  
30 August
Agenda 5/22
(pdf, 1.4 MB)
(pdf, 263 KB)
HECC 6/22Tuesday
15 November
1.30 pm - 3.30 pmvia TeamsTuesday
1 November

2022 HECC Subcommittee meetings

MeetingDateTimeLocation Agenda item deadline Agenda
(members only)
HECCSC 1/22Tuesday
12 April
1.30 pm - 3.30 pm via TeamsTuesday 
29 March
Agenda 1/22
(pdf, 607 KB)
(pdf, 135 KB)
HECCSC 2/22Tuesday
14 June
1.30 pm - 3.30 pm via TeamsTuesday
31 May
Agenda 2/22
(pdf, 1.4 MB)
(pdf, 124 KB)
HECCSC 3/22Tuesday
16 August
1.30 pm - 3.30 pm via TeamsTuesday
2 August
Agenda 3/22
(pdf, 503 KB)
Minutes (pdf, 142 KB)
HECCSC 3/22Tuesday
11 October
1.30 pm - 3.30 pmvia TeamsTuesday
27 September

2021 meetings

MeetingDateTimeLocation Agenda item deadline Agenda
(members only)
HECC 1/21

9 February

1.30 pm via Teams28 JanuaryAgenda HECC 1/21 (linked version) (pdf, 1.7 MB)

Agenda spare only (combined ) (pdf,  26 MB)
Minutes 1-21 (pdf, 302 KB)
HECC 2/21Tuesday
23 March
1.30 pmvia Teams9 March

Agenda HECC 2/21 (pdf, 696 KB)

Spare pdf version - navigate by bookmarks (pdf,  15.3 MB)

Minutes (pdf, 217 KB)
HECC 3/21Tuesday
11 May
1.30 pm via Teams27 April

Agenda HECC 3/21 (pdf,  1.3 MB)

Spare pdf format agenda - navigate by bookmarks (pdf,  26 MB)
Minutes (pdf, 234 KB)
HECC  CM 1/2120 May 2021-via circular-Agenda HECC CM 1/21 (pdf, 1.8 MB)Minutes (pdf, 217 KB)
HECC 4/21Tuesday
20 July
1.30 pm via Teams6 July

Agenda HECC 4/21 (pdf, 1.4 MB)

Spare pdf format - navigate by bookmarks (pdf,  7.9 MB)

Minutes (pdf, 178 KB)
HECC CM 2/212 September 2021-via circular-

Agenda link


Minutes (pdf, 79 KB)
HECC 5/21Tuesday
14 September
1.30 pm via Teams 31 AugustAgenda HECC 5/21 (pdf, 2.3 MB)Minutes (pdf, 283 KB)
HECC 6/21Tuesday
12 Oct
1.30 pm via Teams  28 SeptemberAgenda HECC 6/21
(pdf, 1.1MB)
Minutes (pdf, 226KB)
HECC 7/21Tuesday
16 Nov
1.30 pmvia Teams2 NovemberAgenda HECC 7/21
(pdf, 988KB)
Minutes (pdf, 166KB)
HECC CM 3/217 December 2021-via circular-Agenda HECC CM 3/21 (pdf, 782KB)Unconfirmed Minutes (pdf, 243KB)


HECC Subcommittee meetings 2021

MeetingDateTimeLocation Agenda item deadline Agenda
(members only)
HECCSC 1/21Tuesday,
12 January
1.30 pm via Teams9 Dec Agenda (pdf, 13 MB)Minutes (pdf, 148 KB)
HECCSC 2/21Tuesday
22 June
1.30 pm via Teams8 JunAgenda (pdf,1 MB)Minutes (pdf, 243 KB)
HECCSC 3/21Tuesday
24 August
1.30 pm via Teams10 AugAgenda (pdf, 1 MB)Minutes (pdf, 184 KB)


Lisa Francis, Academic Secretariat, Governance and Strategy
Phone: +61 3 5327 6544
Email: academic.secretariat@federation.edu.au

Past meetings

2020 meetings

FebruaryHECC1-20 Minutes (pdf.238kb)
MarchHECC2-20 Minutes (pdf.188kb)
March Circulatory MeetingHECC CM1/20/1 Minutes (pdf.38kb)
March Circulatory MeetingHECC CM2/20/1 Minutes (pdf.114kb)
March Circulatory MeetingHECC CM3/20/1 Minutes (pdf.144kb)
April Circulatory MeetingHECC CM4/20/1 & 2 Minutes (pdf.157kb)
May  HECC3-20 Minutes (pdf.238)
May Special MeetingHECC SPM5/20 Minutes (pdf, 233kb)
June Circulatory MeetingHECC CM7/20/1 Minutes (pdf, 62kb)
JulyHECC4-20 Minutes (pdf.231kb)
July Special MeetingHECC SPM6/20 Minutes
August Circulatory MeetingHECC CM8/20/1 Minutes (pdf. 64kb)
SeptemberHECC5-20 Minutes (pdf.351kb)
October Special MeetingHECC  SPM7/20 Minutes (pdf, 172 kb)
NovemberHECC6-20 Minutes (pdf, 358  kb)
November Circulatory MeetingHECC CM11/20 Minutes (pdf, 109 kb)
November Special MeetingHECC SPM10/20 Minutes (pdf, 157 kb)

2019 meetings

FebruaryHECC1/19 Minutes (pdf, 193kb)
MarchHECC2/19 Minutes (pdf,173 kb)
May  HECC3/19 Minutes (pdf.251kb)
JuneHECC4/19 Minutes (pdf, 236kb)
AugustHECC5/19 Minutes (pdf,120kb)
October Circulatory MeetingHECC CM6/19 Minutes (pdf.106)
NovemberHECC7/19 Minutes (pdf.161kb)
DecemberHECC CM8/19 Minutes (pdf.37)

2018 meetings

JanuaryHECC1/18 Minutes (PDF.119kb)
MarchHECC2/18 Minutes  (PDF.163kb)

HECC3/18 Minutes (PDF. 218kb)

July  HECC4/18 Minutes (PDF.162kb)
AugustHECC5/18 Minutes (PDF.107kb)

HECC6/18 Minutes (PDF, 143kb)

NovemberHECC7/18 Minutes (PDF, 155kb)
DecemberHECC8/18 Minutes (PDF, 227kb)

2017 meetings

February HECC1/17 Minutes (PDF.154kb)
March HECC 2/17 Minutes (PDF.195kb)
April (Reserve)  Reserve only
MayHECC4/17 Minutes (PDF, 268KB)
July (Reserve)  HECC5/17 Minutes (PDF, 193KB)
AugustHECC6/17 Minutes (PDF, 237KB)
SeptemberHECC7/17 Minutes (PDF, 569KB)
NovemberHECC 8/17 Minutes (PDF.208KB)
November - Special meetingHECC 9/17 Minutes (PDF, 277KB)