Higher Education Curriculum Committee

2020 meetings

MeetingDateTimeLocation Agenda item deadline Agenda
(members only)
HECC1/20Wed 5 Feb 1.30 pm Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill)
901-245 (Berwick)
Fri 24 Jan HECC1-20 Agenda with Papers (pdf.45mb)HECC1-20 Minutes (pdf.238kb)
**HECC2/20Wed 18 Mar 1.30 pm Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill)
901-245 (Berwick)
Fri 6 Mar HECC2-20 Agenda with Papers (pdf.30mb)HECC2-20 Minutes (pdf.188kb)
HECC3/20Wed 27 May 1.30 pm Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill)
901-245 (Berwick)
Mon 15 May  
***HECC4/20Wed 29 Jul 1.30 pm Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill)
901-245 (Berwick)
Fri 17 Jul  
HECC5/20Wed 9 Sept 1.30 pm C003 (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill)
901-245 (Berwick)   
Fri 28 Aug   
HECC6/20Wed 11 Nov 1.30 pm Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill)
901-245 (Berwick)   
Fri 16 Oct 
Circulatory MeetingDateAgendaDateMinutes
HECC CM1/20/1Tues 4 MarHECC CM1/20/1 Agenda (pdf.1555kb)Thur 5 MarHECC CM1/20/1 Minutes (pdf.38kb)
HECC CM2/20/1Fri 6 MarHECC CM2/20/1 Agenda (pdf.1032kb)Tue 17 MarHECC CM2/20/1 Minutes (pdf.114kb)
HECC CM3/20/1Thur 26 MarHECC CM3/20/1 Agenda (pdf.182kb)Thur 26 MarHECC CM3/20/1 Minutes (pdf.144kb)
HECC CM4/20/1 and 2Wed 1 AprHECC CM4/20/1 & 2 Agenda (pdf.182kb)  

** Final meeting for submission of new programs for 2021 to be approved.

*** Final meeting for submission of new courses for 2021 to be approved.

Membership 2019

Category Name
Chair, Higher Education Curriculum Committee Associate Professor Jenene Burke
(term end 31/12/20)
Deputy Chair, (1 year Term)

Dr Judith Lyons
(term end 31/12/19)

Ex-Officio members 
Chair, Academic Board or nominee Associate Professor Elisa Zentveld
Chair, Learning and Teaching Committee or nominee Associate Professor Nina Fotinatos
(term end 31/12/20)
Chair, VET Curriculum and Quality Committee on nomineeProfessor Andy Smith
Pro Vice-Chancellor International or nomineeAssociate Professor Jason Giri
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) or nominee Ms Tulsa Andrews (nominee)
Manager, Registrar Services Ms Sharon Austin 
Chairs of School Board or nominees
Federation Business School Dr Damian Morgan (nominee)
School of Arts Professor Andrew Hope
School of Education Dr Peter Sellings (nominee)
School of Health and Life SciencesDr Lara Wakeling (nominee)
School of Nursing and Healthcare Professionals Dr Judith Lyons (nominee)
School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology Associate Professor Andrew Barton (nominee)
Federation TAFE (nominee) Vacant
Elected members
One teacher from Federation TAFE    Vacant
(term end 31/12/20) 
One higher education academic Ms Christine Peacock
(term end 31/12/20)


Academic Secretariat, Corporate Governance
Phone: +61 3 5327 6456
Email: academic.secretariat@federation.edu.au

Past meetings

2019 meetings

FebruaryHECC1/19 Minutes (pdf, 193kb)
MarchHECC2/19 Minutes (pdf,173 kb)
May  HECC3/19 Minutes (pdf.251kb)
JuneHECC4/19 Minutes (pdf, 236kb)
AugustHECC5/19 Minutes (pdf,120kb)
October Circulatory MeetingHECC CM6/19 Minutes (pdf.106)
NovemberHECC7/19 Minutes (pdf.161kb)
DecemberHECC CM8/19 Minutes (pdf.37)

2018 meetings

JanuaryHECC1/18 Minutes (PDF.119kb)
MarchHECC2/18 Minutes  (PDF.163kb)

HECC3/18 Minutes (PDF. 218kb)

July  HECC4/18 Minutes (PDF.162kb)
AugustHECC5/18 Minutes (PDF.107kb)

HECC6/18 Minutes (PDF, 143kb)

NovemberHECC7/18 Minutes (PDF, 155kb)
DecemberHECC8/18 Minutes (PDF, 227kb)

2017 meetings

February HECC1/17 Minutes (PDF.154kb)
March HECC 2/17 Minutes (PDF.195kb)
April (Reserve)  Reserve only
MayHECC4/17 Minutes (PDF, 268KB)
July (Reserve)  HECC5/17 Minutes (PDF, 193KB)
AugustHECC6/17 Minutes (PDF, 237KB)
SeptemberHECC7/17 Minutes (PDF, 569KB)
NovemberHECC 8/17 Minutes (PDF.208KB)
November - Special meetingHECC 9/17 Minutes (PDF, 277KB)

2016 meetings

February Minutes 2/16 (pdf, 275kb)
March * Minutes 3/16 (pdf.276kb)
May**Minutes 4/16 (pdf.135kb)
June Minutes 5/16 (pdf, 165kb)
August Minutes 6/16(pdf.226kb)
October Minutes 7/16 (pdf, 305kb)
November Minutes 8/16 (pdf.168kb)
DecemberMinutes 9/16 (pdf.85kb)
* Last meeting for proposed new programs for 2017 to be approved.
** Last meeting for all proposed new courses for 2017 to be approved.

2015 meetings

January Minutes 1/15 (pdf,241kb)
March Minutes 2/15 Part 1 (pdf, 109kb)
Minutes 2/15 Part 2 (pdf, 135kb)
March Minutes Circ Res 2/15 (pdf, 48kb)
April Minutes CC3/15 (pdf, 500kb)
May Minutes CC4/15 (pdf, 384kb)
July Minutes CC5/15 (pdf, 246kb)
August Minutes CC6/15 (pdf,192kb)
September Minutes CC7/15 (pdf,255kb)