Maintaining quality content

Quality assurance

Our website is regularly checked for quality assurance by Siteimprove, a web governance software that helps us better manage and maintain our website. This system checks our website for common content issues including spelling mistakes, broken links, accessibility issues and more.

We are providing access to content coordinators so that they can review their web area(s) for these types of issues. As part of this access, you will receive a report every five days for your web area(s) outlining any of these potential issues.

Siteimprove homepage screenshot

Key features


  • View issues as a summary or in detail, for your area or by each page
  • Open a page and the issue is highlighted clearly
  • Open the CMS editor to update the page with one click
  • Each decision is recorded and can be undone as required
  • Generate PDF or HTML reports
  • Tracks history in improving content over time
  • Helpful support videos on using these features

Broken links

Siteimprove details screenshot

  • Check broken links on a page (indicated by red outline and sad face)
  • Checks broken links within PDF files


  • Ability to confirm misspellings (indicated by red highlighting)
  • Potential misspellings are listed for review (indicated by yellow highlighting)

Content policy and inventory

  • Identifies content that contains unwanted branding or wording
  • Lists types of files or content, for example, pages, PDF files, images, email addresses, etc