Key policy management roles

The responsibility of governance document management across the University is implemented by the following:

The Document Owner is responsible for

  • Oversight of the drafting of the governance document.
  • Managing governance document compliance.
  • Monitoring the relevance of the governance document to the needs of the University.
  • Ensuring that policies are reviewed at least every five years, procedures every three years and manuals and work instructions annually.
  • Creating and implementing strategies for the communication and education of the governance document.
  • Ensuring that the governance document content is consistent and up to date with other related governance documents.
  • Being the contact person for enquires relating to the content of the governance document.
  • Implementing the governance document.
  • Proposing amendments or reviews.

The Approval Authority is responsible for

Final approval of the content of:

  • new governance documents
  • major amendments to an existing governance document
  • the rescission of an existing governance document

View information regarding Approval Authorities

The PAMS System Administrator is responsible for

  • Maintaining the University's Policy library and the policy website.
  • Providing advice and support to Document Owners on the governance document development process, ensuring the governance document style and format is appropriate and recommending the most appropriate approval pathway.
  • Reviewing governance document approval forms in order to ensure consistency between the governance document and any related governance documents, relevant legislation, statutes, regulations and Approval Authorities.
  • Monitoring compliance with the governance document development and review process and categorising the structure of governance document within the seven policy domains.
  • Publishing approved governance documents in the Policy Library.
  • Advising Document Owners when a governance document is due for review in accordance with the review strategy.
  • Providing regular status reports to Committees.

The Policy Writer is responsible for

  • Providing assistance and advice on governance document writing and development, including content and how it relates to other documents.
  • Providing advice and support to Document Owners on the governance document development process, ensuring the style and format is appropriate and consistent.
  • Assisting in identifying policy gaps.
  • Draft governance documents as required for approval.