Key policy management roles

The responsibility of policy management across the University is implemented by the following:

The Policy Sponsor is responsible for

  • Oversight of the drafting of the policy/procedure
  • Managing policy compliance.
  • Monitoring the relevance of the policy to the needs of the University.
  • Ensuring that policies are reviewed at least every five years and procedures every three years.
  • Creating and implementing strategies for the communication and education of the policy/procedure.
  • Ensuring that the policy/procedure content is consistent and up to date with other related policies and University documents
  • Being the contact person for enquires relating to the content of the policy/procedure
  • Implementing the policy/procedure
  • Proposing amendments or reviews

The Approval Authority is responsible for

Final approval of the content of:

  • a new policy or procedure, a
  • major or minor amendment to an existing policy or procedure
  • the rescission of an existing policy or procedure
  • making recommendation to Policy Committee for endorsement to publish

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Policy Administration Management System (PAMS) editor

  • The PAMS editor role is now part of the Policy Systems Administrator role and all PAMS updates should be directed through the Policy Office

The PAMS System Administrator is responsible for

  • Maintaining the University's Policy library and the policy website;
  • Providing advice and support to policy sponsors on the policy development process, ensuring the policy style and format is appropriate and recommending the most appropriate approval pathway;
  • Reviewing policy document approval forms in order to ensure consistency between the policy and any related policies, procedures, relevant legislation, statutes, regulations and approval authorities;
  • Monitoring compliance with the policy/procedure development and review process and categorising the structure of policies and procedures within the nine policy domains as recommended by the University Policy Committee;
  • Publishing approved policies and procedures in the Policy Library
  • Advising Policy Sponsors when a policy/procedure is due for review in accordance with the review strategy
  • Providing regular status reports to the Policy Committee

The Policy Writer is responsible for

  • Providing assistance and advice on policy writing and policy development, including content and how it relates to other documents.
  • Providing advice and support to policy sponsors on the policy development process, ensuring the policy style and format is appropriate and consistent
  • Assisting in identifying policy gaps
  • Draft policies and procedures as required for approval

The Policy Executive Officer is responsible for

  • Providing secretariat support to the Policy Committee to enable the Committee to fulfil their responsibilities as confirmed in their Terms of Reference

The Policy Committee meets regularly

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