Learning and Teaching Committee

2020 meetings

MeetingDateTimeLocation Agenda paper
(members only)
1/20 Thu 12 March 1.30 pm Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill) 
901-245 (Berwick) 
Fri 28 FebL&TC1/20 Agenda (pdf.147kb)L&TC1/20 Minutes (pdf.165)
2/20Thu 14 May1.30 pmCouncil Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill) 
901-245 (Berwick)
Fri 1 MayL&TC2/20 Agenda (docx.208kb)L&TC2/20 Minutes (pdf.253)
3/20 Thu 25 Jun 1.30 pm Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill) 
901-245 (Berwick)
Fri 12 JunL&TC3/20 Agenda (docx.205kb)L&TC3/20
Minutes (docx.213kb)
4/20 Thu 6 Aug 1.30 pm Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill) 
901-245 (Berwick)
Fri 24 JulL&TC4/20 Agenda (docx.209kb) L&TC4/20 Minutes (docx.227kb)
5/20 Thu 17 Sep      1.30 pm Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill) 
901-245 (Berwick)
Fri 4 SepL&TC5/20 Agenda (pdf.254kb) 
6/20 Thu 29 Oct 1.30 pm Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Churchill) 
901-245 (Berwick)
Fri 16 Oct 


Chair - Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching Quality and Innovation) Associate Professor Nina Fotinatos 
(pro tem, term end 31/12/2020) 
Deputy Chair Ms Marion Slawson
Ex-officio members 
Chair of Academic Board, or nominee Associate Professor Elisa Zentveld
(term end 31/12/20) 
Chair, Higher Education Curriculum Committee Associate Professor Jenene Burke
(term end 31/12/20)
Associate Deans  (Teaching Quality)
School of Arts Dr Carolyn Johnstone
School of Education  Dr Anna Fletcher
School of Science, Psychology and Sport Dr Lara Wakeling
School of Health Dr Karen Missen
School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences Associate Professor Kim Dowling
Federation Business School Dr Helen Weadon
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), or nominee Professor Andy Smith
Director, Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice, or nomineeMs Tulsa Andrews (nominee)
Director, Student Experience, or nominee Mr Greg Jakob
Director, Library and Learning Spaces, or nominee Ms Marion Slawson (nominee)
Manager, Policy and Quality Services, or nominee Ms Vicky Hodgson (Acting)
Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), or nominee Associate Professor Guojun Lu (nominee)
Director, Information Technology Services, or nominee Ms Sahar Oujil
Manager, Aboriginal Education Centre (AEC), or nomineeMs Katrina Beer
General Manager (Academic) Mr Andrew Evans
Director, TAFE Learning, Teaching & QualityMs Lisa Bale
Elected members
VET teacher Mr David Scannell
(term ends 31/12/20)
HE academic Dr Fatemeh Javidan
(term ends 31/12/20)
Federation University Australia student representative Ms Jennifer Davis
(term ends 31/10/20)


Academic Secretariat, Corporate Governance
Phone: +61 3 5327 6456
Email: academic.secretariat@federation.edu.au

Past meetings

2019 meetings

February L&TC1/19 Minutes (pdf, 99kb)
AprilL&TC2/19 Minutes (pdf, 105kb)
May LTC3/19 Minutes (pdf, 125kb)
July  L&TC4/19 Minutes (pdf, 73kb)
September L&TC5/19 Minutes (pdf.80kb)
November L&TC6/19 Minutes (pdf.101kb

2018 meetings

February L&TC1-18 Minutes (pdf,100kb)
March L&TC2-18 Minutes (pdf, 94kb)
May L&TC3-18 Minutes (pdf, 90kb)
June L&TC4/18 Minutes (pdf, 90kb)
September L&TC5/18 Minutes (pdf, 310kb)
October  L&TC6/18 Confirmed minutes (pdf, 68kb)
November L&TC7/18 Unconfirmed minutes (pdf, 85kb)

2017 meetings

February L&TC1/17 Minutes (pdf, 164kb)
March March Planning Day Notes
April L&TC2/17 Minutes
June June Planning Day Notes
July L&TC3/17 Minutes (pdf, 92kb)
August L&TC4/17 Minutes (pdf.178kb)
October L&TC5/17 Minutes (pdf, 97kb)
November L&TC6/17 Minuted (pdf, 96kb)

2016 meetings

February L&TC1/16 Minutes (pdf, 251kb)
March L&TC2/16 Minutes (pdf,100kb)
April L&TC3/16 Minutes (pdf, 118kb)
July L&TC4/16 Minutes (pdf, 132kb)
September L&TC5/16 Minutes (pdf, 117kb)
November L&TC6/16 Minutes (pdf, 188kb)

2015 meetings

February Minute 1/15 (pdf, 77kb)
March Minutes 2/15 (pdf, 67kb)
April LT3-15 Confirmed Minutes (pdf, 341kb)
June LT4/15 Minutes (pdf,144kb)
July LT5/15 Minutes (pdf.191kb)
August LT6/15 Minutes (pdf,127kb)

2014 meetings

February Minutes 1/14 (pdf,116 kb)
April Minutes 2/14 (pdf, 322kb)
May Minutes 3/14 (pdf, 533kb)
July Minutes 4/14 (pdf, 305kb)
August Minutes 5/14 (pdf, 223kb)
September No minutes - meeting not quorate
November Minutes 7/14 (pdf, 252kb)
December Minutes 8/14 (pdf,96kb)