Council and Committees

Federation University Australia Council

Title of legislative body Roles and responsibilities relevant to governance
University Governance
  • Provide a clear statement on the University's strategic direction, vision and mission
    and continually monitor progress against agreed goals.
  • Shape and review its vision, mission and values and evaluate its own performance.
  • Appoint and appraise the performance of the Vice-Chancellor as chief executive.
  • Require and monitor compliance with statutory and regulatory obligations.
  • Oversee the establishment and effective operation of key policies consistent with legal requirements and the spirit of community expectations, including those expressed in statutes and regulations.
  • Ensure delegated responsibilities and authorities are clearly defined to the Vice-Chancellor and other bodies, and to the Boards and other committees.
  • Ensure adequate risk management procedures and associated internal controls are established and effectively maintained.
  • Approve and monitor commercial undertakings and monitor education, training, research and consultancy activities.
  • Oversee the effective and prudential operation of the University, receive periodic reports and assess performance against key performance indicators agreed with management, including:
    • approve and monitor budgets and financial plans of the University
    • ensure the University's assets and resources are properly managed; and
    • approve and monitor the operations and achievements of the controlled entities of the University.
  • Effectively manage its own operations, including the appointment of the Chancellor, selection of new members and their induction and the proper execution by members of their fiduciary duties.

Refer Figure 1: Governance Structure of the University

The monitoring and reporting framework of the University will be subject to independent external audit, the findings of which will be reported to Council.

The University's Annual Report to the Victorian Government will incorporate the externally audited financial statements of the University and a report on University governance and achievements for the relevant year. The Annual Report will be made available on the University's website.

Further information can be found at the Role of Council section.

Council Committees

The Council, by resolution, may constitute and appoint such committees as it thinks fit. A committee appointed by the Council must report to the Council on its activities at such times and in such manner as the Council directs. The operations of the Academic Board and committees of the Council may be reported in the form of minutes of the meetings.

Title of Committee Roles and responsibilities relevant to governance
Council Governance, Strategy and Risk Management
Governance & Strategy Committee
  • Governance & Strategy Committee - The Governance and Strategy Committee is responsible for advising the Council on matters relating to governance and strategy and considering urgent business as is necessary between meetings of the Council.
  • The committee also acts as a legislation, naming, honorary degree and nomination committee and advises on matters relevant to the terms and membership of council committees, and university ceremonies.
Audit and Risk Management Committee
  • Audit and Risk Management Committee - The Federation University Australia (“University”) Audit and Risk Management Committee (“the Committee”) will assist the Federation University Australia Council (“Council”) in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the system of internal control, the audit process (both internal and external), the risk management framework and the University’s process for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations.
Inclusion Committee
  • Inclusion Committee - This Committee will be instrumental in reviewing and monitoring progress against Federation University Australia (FUA) overall accountabilities, statutory obligations, and public commitments. This will include reporting to FUA Council against its accountabilities and ensure an appropriate strategic direction.
Appeals Committee
- Council members
  • Appeals Committee -The Appeals Committee when it meets with Council members is governed by Statute 5.4 Exclusion for Reasons of Unfitness [Regulation 5.4] and under Statute 2.4 (section 5) Student Discipline Regulation 2.4 (section 12). This Committee has an appeal function when it meets with Council members and hears appeals from decisions on an as needs basis and meets as required.
Financial Management
Resources Committee
  • Resources Committee - The Resources Committee is responsible for advising the Council on matters relating to University’s resources, including finance, investments, infrastructure, asset management, information technology and human resources.
Investment Management Committee
  • Investment Management Committee - The IMC is an advisory subcommittee responsible for the implementation and the performance of the University’s financial investment strategies and is a subcommittee of the Resources Committee.
Senior Appointments & Remuneration Committee
  • Senior Appointments & Remuneration Committee - The Committee annually sets performance goals and reviews the performance of the Vice-Chancellor on behalf of Council. It also considers and sets the Vice-Chancellor's and the senior executive officers salary and remuneration.