Emergency and security


For life-threatening events on campus, call:

Ballarat - 1800 333 732 (1800 FED SEC)
Berwick - extension 28555 or call 5122 8555
Gippsland - extension 26662 or call 5122 6662
Wimmera - 000

Dialing the numbers above allows us to enact campus-based safety protocols to direct emergency services to the exact scene of the incident and protect other members of the University Community. You may of course choose to call 000 directly, but remember to advise the Security Team at your campus so internal resources can be sent to assist you and to direct emergency services.

If you are a student at a partner teaching location, contact the emergency number provided to you at your orientation.


Defibrillators are located at each campus.

Emergency guides (staff only - login required)

For complete guidance on emergencies, refer to the following guides:


Security officers are on campus day and night to help provide a safe and secure environment on all Federation campuses. They are all licensed and qualified in first aid. They provide a broad range of security and safety services, such as conducting patrols, providing security escorts on request, responding to incidents, securing buildings, etc.

Feel free to contact security officers any time on the numbers shown below if you feel unsafe, require an escort, wish to report an incident, or need security advice.

For security assistance (non-emergency situations), call:

Ballarat campuses - extension 6333 or call 5327 6333security vehicle
Berwick Campus
- extension 28555 or call 5122 8555
Gippsland Campus - extension 26662 or call 5122 6662
Wimmera Campus
- call 5382 0560 or 0417 820 560