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What is FedReady?

FedReady is a short, non-award course (you will not be formally assessed and you cannot fail) to help you develop the academic skills you need to get started at university. FedReady covers a range of topics, from how to manage your time to writing and submitting assessment tasks. While you will not be formally assessed, you will have the opportunity to get individual feedback on your current skills, and be given strategies for how to improve your academic skills based on your specific needs.

FedReady is also a great way for continuing students to brush up on or polish their academic skills, get organised, and get back into studying before the semester officially commences. FedReady is a completely free course and open to all students enrolled in a higher education degree at our FedUni campuses.

Topics covered during FedReady

  • Preparing and writing assignments
  • Using and citing references
  • Understanding the University library
  • Using the University computers and Moodle (the learning management system)
  • Managing your study load and other commitments
  • How to think critically

Register for FedReady 2021

Registrations for FedReady Online 2021 (15 - 26 February) are now open. FedReady Online will run for two weeks, starting one week prior to orientation and continue until the first week of semester. Please note that due to COVID restrictions, FedReady on-campus will not be offered until further notice.

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