Prepare for study with FedReady

What is FedReady?

FedReady is your go-to course to help you get started at University. If you’re a first year student looking for information on support services all the way to assignment referencing, we have you covered. It’s also a great way for continuing students to polish their skills and get back into studying. FedReady is a completely free course and open to all students enrolled in a higher education degree at our FedUni campuses.

Here are just some topics covered during FedReady:

  • Preparing essays and assignments
  • Using and citing references
  • Understanding the University library
  • Using the University computers
  • Participating in tutorials
  • Managing your study
  • Engaging with student support services

We offer our FedReady course in three convenient modes to allow you to choose the most appropriate course delivery.


Timetable: Download the FedReady timetable (Semester 2, 2018) (pdf, 166kb).
Where: We offer this course in person at our Mt Helen, Gippsland and Berwick campuses.
When: This course is run over 5 days, Monday-Friday the week before orientation every semester (usually February and July).

  • Monday 16 to Friday 20 July 2018

We recommend that new students attend the whole week, however, if you have studied before or feel confident with some topics, you can pick and choose which sessions you wish to attend. The overall course runs for approximately 30hrs.

How to enrol: Online enrolments have now close. However, if you'd like to still participate you can come along on the day and signup in person.


Where: We offer this course fully online.
When: This course is run over 2 weeks part-time for approximately 30hrs.

  • Monday 9 to Friday 20 July 2018

How to enrol: Enrolments have now closed.

Self paced

FedReady self-paced is open throughout the semester, and is there for you to engage with whenever you can, with no pressure to finish it by a particular date. FedReady self-paced is an online version that is perfect for students who are busy and not sure when they will have time to complete the program. It does not have online staff members to assist you, but for help during your time in FedReady self-paced, you can email

How to enrol: FedReady self-paced is now open. You can access the program here.

Contact us

You can contact us by email at or call 1800 333 864 for any enquiries.