Writing Space

Photo: Mt Helen Writing Space

Location and opening hours

The Writing Space is currently closed at all campuses until further notice.

For all your study support needs, visit the Learning Skills Adviser (LSA) booking page here for more information on how to get help with your assignments.


This drop-in space is set up to provide ALL students with guidance through whatever stage of the writing process is relevant for their assignment. The general aim is to assist students so that they can develop the skills and confidence to:

  • analyse assignment questions and criteria
  • evaluate and organise sources
  • develop plans/outlines
  • write the first draft
  • revise and edit to produce a polished final draft
  • develop effective study skills

The Writing Space is available to students to work alone or in groups. In one-to-one sessions and small group work, LSAs and SALs will help students to develop drafts of written assignments, taking into account:

  • the assignment topic
  • assignment structure and paragraph organisation
  • argument development
  • strength of evidence
  • critical thinking
  • synthesising of source material
  • clarity of written expression
  • formatting references
  • grammar, punctuation or spelling

Please note: Proofreading, editing or "fixing" assignments is not offered by Writing Space staff.
*If more intensive support is required, students can be referred to a LSA for a private session.

What should students bring to the Writing Space?

Students can bring a completed assignment for review, a first draft, an assignment plan, some jotted notes, or even initial thoughts on an assignment. Students are also encouraged to bring a copy of the assignment question, assignment directions and criteria and any relevant reading materials.