Writing/Maths Space

Need help with maths or writing?

Writing. It’s a university staple. Essays, reports, presentations, reviews – no matter what you’re studying, writing is key. Sometimes, though, all you can do is stare at your blank screen, watching the cursor flash. It can be hard to put that first sentence down. That first word. And if you do manage to thrash out a first draft, what then? How do you improve the flow, write a conclusion, fix the grammar?

Maths. If you’re enrolled in any maths-related unit, you probably love a bit of logical, right/wrong numerical problem solving. Until you get to a question or topic that just doesn’t make sense. Which means the next part is also confusing. And unfortunately, calculators (even those fancy graphical ones) can’t do all the work for you.

Don’t panic. Get free help from our Learning Skills Advisors at the Writing Space or the Maths Space, no matter what stage you’re at or what the problem is. You don’t need an appointment – just drop in.

The Writing Space

Monday to Thursday, 12–2pm (during semester):

  • Mt Helen Library
  • Berwick Library
  • Gippsland Library

The Maths Space

Friday, 12–2pm (during semester):

  • Mt Helen Library

We’ll help you:

  • analyse assignment questions and criteria
  • evaluate and organise sources
  • write your first draft
  • revise and edit to produce a polished final draft
  • reference correctly.

We’d like you to bring:

  • your assignment instructions, criteria and relevant reading materials
  • any notes you’ve made
  • any drafts you’ve started.

We’ll help you:

  • understand your maths coursework
  • go over basic concepts
  • figure out advanced problems
  • apply formulas and methods to assessment task questions.

We’d like you to bring:

  • questions or assessment tasks you’d like help with
  • a textbook (if relevant)
  • your calculator (if relevant).