FedReady mentors

Meet your FedReady mentors

Beyond our friendly staff, there’s another expert source available: experienced students.

We have a team of Student Academic Leaders (SALs), also know as FedReady mentors, available throughout your transition to Federation University.

What you can expect

  • A phone call in the weeks before and after orientation to check in and have a chat
  • To see your mentor as part of the FedReady program where they'll also bring their academic knowledge and study tips to share
  • To find our student mentor team at your campus's ASK Desk

Find an ASKDesk

  • Berwick Library (Building 901)
  • Gippsland Library (Building 1E)
  • Mt Helen Library (E J Barker Library, Building L)
  • Camp Street Student Lounge

Our mentor team is also available to chat in person during semester, even after orientation is over! Get advice and tips from a friendly student who has been through the same experience.