Check-in week

Check-in Week, held in Week 3 of each semester, is all about making sure you’re 100% set up to get through the rest of the semester. We shine a spotlight on the various academic and non-academic services we have available to you and have a bit of fun along the way.

It is the perfect time to reflect on how you’re going with your studies and settling into uni life now that the hype of commencing studies has subsided. We also encourage you to spend a few moments considering what you need to do to complete the semester successfully.

Head along to any events or activities that are scheduled throughout the week at your location or online; check the FedUni Current Students Facebook page for updates.

Academically speaking…

Study skills

Still trying to get your head around referencing? Not sure how to structure your essays? You’re not alone, so we have an entire team focussed on developing your study skills! Check out all the academic supports they have to offer by visiting their website today.


Did you know that the Library is so much more than just borrowing books? Our incredible librarians can help you with searching databases, researching, referencing – the list goes on! Find out more by visiting their website and following them on Facebook.

Online study

We've set up a Moodle shell specifically designed to help you with online learning. Look out for how-to videos, technology support and advice about how to get set up and study online.

It’s not all academic

Fed offers you a whole range of non-academic services as you progress through your studies, such as counselling, careers development and financial support. Visit the website to explore our extensive services.

Connect with us

University life is more than just study; it’s also about keeping active and staying connected! Take a break from study and check out some of the social opportunities on offer.

Current Students Facebook page

Are you following the Current Students Facebook page? If not, then you really should! This is where you’ll find events and activities, posts about academic and non-academic support services, weekly trivia, competitions and more!


If you love staying active, download the FedMoves app for access to challenges personalised workouts, competitions and more. Check it out today at

Student groups

Whether you’re ready to try something new or continue developing in something you’re passionate about, joining a student group is the perfect way to get that little bit extra out of your university experience. Check them out online; and if you can’t find your perfect student group you can start your own!

Events & activities

Events & activites both big and small run throughout the year on-campus and online. Check out the events & activities webpage to check out what's coming up.