Senate actions

Senate at work

Your Senate reps are unique students who work on a very wide range of issues which impact on your student experience, with the team meeting together officially 7-8 times across the year to discuss important issues which affect FedUni students over a wide range of areas including:

  • University policy,
  • University facilities, student spaces on campus,
  • Delivery of student services, like counselling, scholarships and events,
  • and much more!

For a sense of the diverse work of the Senate you can read the minutes of their meetings or the annual reports below. Any student can also attend a meeting as an observer, just ask us.

Annual Reports

Some years the Senate has produced an end-of-year report to collect their major actions from the year and recommendations for the future.

Senate Meetings

Senate meetings are where students debate issues and raise student feedback with the Senate Advisors. The minutes of all prior meetings are kept and can be made available to staff and students on request.


  • Meeting 7, October
  • Meeting 6, September
  • Meeting 5, August
  • Meeting 4, July
  • Meeting 3, May
  • Meeting 2, March
  • Meeting 1,  February - Cancelled due to lack of quorum.