Senate actions

Senate at work

Your Senate reps are unique students who work on a very wide range of issues which impact on your student experience, with the team meeting together officially 7-8 times across the year to discuss important issues which affect FedUni students:

  • Student-raised concerns such as textbook-list availability, transitions to online learning and changes to timetables
  • Outstanding actions requiring Senate portfolios to take action on an issue
  • Senior staff discuss future plans for FedUni and how these could impact your student experience, asking for student input on changes
  • Each rep has their own time to voice any issues raised by the students they personally represent or actions they've been taking

We're your voice so any student can request a copy of our meeting minutes and forum feedback, as well as viewing our Senate Snapshot which is produced by Senate to summarise each meeting so it's quick and easy to read. You can also attend a meeting as an observer so just ask.

Latest Senate snapshot

Each year your Senate produces an end-of-year report to collect their major actions from the year and recommendations for the future. You can check them out below to see what we've been up to.