International student fees

You are an international student if you are a temporary resident of Australia or a citizen of a country other than Australia or New Zealand.

International students in a fee-paying place are required to pay annual tuition fees for their respective course of study. The tuition fees that you are charged will depend on your course and the year in which you commence that course.

Tuition fee charges

Federation tuition fees are course-based annual fees. View the schedule of higher education tuition fees for international students. The annual tuition fee is based on a standard study load (full-time enrolment of 120 credit points or 1.0 EFTSL) per year unless stated otherwise. The tuition fees you pay will vary according to the degree you are studying and your study load.

Tuition fees are charged for each semester you enrol and you will pay fees according to your specific enrolment. Fees are calculated for each unit by multiplying the unit study load by the applicable course annual fee.

Tuition fees for students commencing 2018 onwards

For students who commence their course from 1 January 2018, tuition fees will be charged according to the annual fee applicable to the year in which they are studying. Tuition fees are reviewed on an annual basis and may increase each calendar year.

Fees are fixed for each calendar year (1 January to 31 December) and any fee increase will be applied at the beginning of each year. A student commencing in Semester 2 or Summer Semester may find that their total course cost will be slightly higher than if they had commenced in Semester 1.

Tuition fees for students who commenced prior to 2018

For students who commenced their course prior to 2018, tuition fees will remain fixed for the course duration. You will be charged the published annual tuition fee which applies to your year of commencement and you will retain this tuition fee rate for the duration of your course. If you change courses or commence a new course after 1 January 2018 you will be charged the annual tuition fee applicable to the year in which you are studying.

Future international students in fee-paying places should refer to the Federation international study page for information on tuition fees for their respective course of study.

Current international students in fee-paying places will have received an offer into their respective course of study. Your offer letter sets out the conditions and costs of your study.

Tuition fee payment

International students are issued an invoice via my Student Centre for each semester in which they enrol. Full payment of the semester tuition fee charges must be made by the invoice due date. Visit our invoices page for further information regarding your online invoice. For more information regarding your semester payment due dates please visit our payment dates page.

We encourage you to consider making regular payments for your tuition fees so that you don't need to make full payment in a large lump sum. Payments of any amount can be made at any time as long as full payment is made by the invoice due date.

Tuition fees are payable by international students for all Federation courses except those international students who are:

  • undertaking a higher degree by research or a coursework course and who have been awarded a scholarship for that study on the basis of merit following a competitive application process; or
  • studying in Australia under a formal exchange program between an educational institution in their home country and Federation.

Overseas student health cover (OSHC)

The Department of Home Affairs requires all international students on student visas and their families (on 'dependant' visas) to pay for health insurance during their stay in Australia. This applies to all fee-paying international students, international higher degree by research and coursework students who have scholarships, as well as international student exchange students. OSHC helps you to pay for medical care that you may need while you are studying in Australia.

Federation will purchase health insurance on your behalf, through Bupa Australia and the OSHC fee is included in your offer letter. However, if you wish to purchase your OSHC through another provider please advise the International Student Admissions team of your membership details. A full list of fees and information regarding coverage and exclusions is available on the Bupa website.