Non-award tuition fees

A non-award enrolment applies to a student who enrols in a unit or units of study for personal interest or professional development. You can apply to enrol in one or more units as a non-award student if you do not want to be admitted to a full course of study. Non-award unit(s) of study undertaken will not contribute to a course of study (degree) and no award will be conferred upon completion.

FedUni only offers non-award study on a full tuition fee-paying basis. Students are charged tuition fees per unit of study and the amount charged will depend on the Institute, EFTSL and whether the unit is undergraduate or postgraduate.

If you are enrolled as a non-award student, you are not eligible for any Commonwealth support or assistance and need to meet the full cost of tuition fees. You must make full upfront payment of your tuition fees by the invoice due date. Non-award students are not eligible to apply for a HELP loan and cannot defer their tuition fees to HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP.

Non-award tuition fees are non-refundable after the respective unit census date. To view the schedule of fees for non-award enrolments please see the relevant tuition schedules.