TAFE direct debit

We have partnered with FACTS Management to offer direct debit payment plans for TAFE students. This will allow you to apply for a direct debit payment plan to easily manage the payment of your fees throughout the calendar year.

The FACTS self-management platform offers the freedom and flexibility to:

  • view your direct debit payment instalments
  • update your financial details
  • make additional payments towards your instalments
  • delay a scheduled instalment up to 5 days - maximum of 3 delays per year
  • nominate authorised parties to make payments (ie, parent/guardian)
  • view communications that have been sent

Who can apply?

If you are studying a Certificate I – IV or VCE and have tuition fees and/or material fees you are eligible for a direct debit payment plan.

If you are studying a Diploma or Advanced Diploma you can apply for a direct debit payment plan for any material fee charges associated with your unit, however you are unable to apply for a direct debit payment plan for your tuition fees. Your tuition fees are due throughout the year based on your individual unit (subject) census dates (due dates).

Direct debit payment plans are only available for current year fees.


The following students are not eligible for a direct debit payment plan:

  • International students
  • Higher Education students
  • Students enrolled in short units
  • Students with a history of defaulted payment plan
  • Further exclusions may apply

How to apply

You can apply through your my Student Centre

  1. Log in to your my Student Centre using your Student ID
  2. Click on the Campus Finance tile
  3. Select the Payment Plan button
  4. You will be redirected to the FACTS website to sign up and apply

Cost of a direct debit payment plan

The below charges are managed and taken by FACTS Management.

  • $25.00 administrative signup fee for a 2024 direct debit payment plan to be paid within 14 days of application. This fee must be paid to continue your direct debit payment plan. If this scheduled payment is not successful then your direct debit payment plan will be terminated (see below).
  • $33.00 fee for every dishonoured payment (failed payment).

Instalments and payments

2024 Payment Plans

Payment plans for 2024 fees are now open. You can choose either fortnightly or monthly instalments for your 2024 direct debit payment plan. Your balance will be divided into each instalment equally. Instalments will adjust if any new enrolments or material fees are added or removed throughout the calendar year.

Below is an example of how instalment amounts are split evenly:

Eligible FeesDirect Debt
Payment Plan type
Direct Debt
Payment Plan
Start Date
Number of months
until end of
$1,000Fortnightly instalments8 February21$47.62 per fortnight
($1,000 / 21 fortnights)
$1,000Monthly instalments5 February10$100 per month
($1,000 / 10 months)
$1,000Fortnightly instalments4 July11$90.90 per fortnight
($1,000 / 11 fortnights)
$1,000Monthly instalments5 July5$200 per month
($1,000 / 5 months)

Once you get a payment schedule, payments will be taken automatically by FACTS via direct debit to your nominated bank account or credit card.

Payments made from bank accounts may take up to 5 business days to appear in your Federation University customer account.


  • You must ensure that there are sufficient funds in your nominated account for the direct debit instalment. Otherwise, additional, non-refundable fees apply (see above).
  • Do not pay direct to Federation University as the direct debit instalments will continue as scheduled. If you want to make additional payments, you must do so through your FACTS account.
  • If you withdraw from your unit outside of the VET Refund terms you will remain liable to pay for your fees and the direct debit payment plan will continue as normal.
  • Communications are sent directly from the FACTS system to your nominated email address. Please ensure you read all emails and contact FACTS immediately with any queries.
  • Federation University can change your minimum instalment amount if your fees/enrolment changes after your initial payment plan is created.
  • The duration of the payment plan and instalment amount is determined by the number of fortnights or months remaining until November. The duration of the payment plan and instalment amounts cannot be amended, however payment plans can be paid out early.
  • All students on a direct debit payment plan will have a service indicator on their Federation University student account. This will prevent you from obtaining an official transcript or graduating until the direct debit payment plan is complete and all fees are paid in full.
  • Once your payment plan is paid in full you must contact Federation University to verify if there are any remaining fees payable that were not on a payment plan.
  • Students re-enrolling for the following academic year will need to re-apply for a payment plan.

Termination of a direct debit payment plan

It is the student's responsibility to ensure there are sufficient funds available for each direct debit payment plan instalment.

If you miss an instalment Federation University may cancel your direct debit payment plan without further notice. The following actions will then occur:

  • An email advising the termination of your direct debit payment plan will be sent with immediate payment of your outstanding fees required.
  • A hold will be applied to your student account, preventing access to grades, graduation, obtaining an official transcript and blocking any further enrolments.
  • You may be unable to apply for another direct debit payment plan.

Federation University may also terminate your payment plan if the payment plan becomes inactive, which can be due (but not limited) to:

  • Invalid financial account
  • Unpaid enrolment/registration fee
  • Blocked debits by the bank

Need help?

You can reach out for help by contacting Student Finance via email studentfees@federation.edu.au

FACTS help: for assistance in using your online FACTS account, please call 1300 322 871 (1300 FACTS1)