Each year, we celebrate our student achievements with a fun & relaxed awards ceremony to present our awards recipients with their certificates, as well as a variety of other awards for outstanding student achievements.

Nominations open now

Staff, students and members of the university community are encouraged to nominate students for the following Awards. Please refer to the criteria (pdf 67KB) and complete the nomination form (pdf 51KB). Nominations must be emailed to studentengagement@federation.edu.au by 5pm Thursday 19 September, 2019.

Outstanding Community Impact or Initiative

Recognising a student, or group of students who have made a significant contribution outside the University. This student may have a role in the local/national/international community volunteering network. This student will embody strong values around community engagement. Examples of their contribution may include:

  • Demonstrating commitment to a positive cause by volunteering their time to organisations/events
  • Being a role model and outstanding member of the local/wider community
  • Raising awareness of a particular cause or initiative in the community

Unsung Hero

Recognising the student who flies under the radar and does amazing work in the University/wider community. This student is a positive role model to their peers and is someone who deserves extra recognition for the contribution they have made during their study. Examples of their work may include:

  • Making an exceptional contribution to University life or the wider community by enhancing the wellbeing of others, providing engagement opportunities for other students or being a tireless advocate for a cause
  • Being motivated and effective in their actions but they/others are unaware of the significance of their contribution

International Star

Recognising an international student who has made a significant contribution to University life for their peers. This student is a leading representative of international students at Federation and deserves recognition for their devotion to promoting and advocating for the international community on campus. Examples of their contribution may include:

  • participating in English Conversation Club and other University events to represent and promote international students
  • Being a voice for issues concerning international students
  • Contributing to cross cultural awareness on campus or in the community

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Student Success

The Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Student Success Award recognises an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander student who has demonstrated excellent effort in their university undergraduate studies, and has made a positive impact in their local or University community. Examples include:

  • Being a leading example to other students
  • Being a role model and outstanding member of the local/wider community

Most Promising New Club or Society

Recognising a student-run club, society or team established within the last year which has shown the potential to make a huge impact. This club/society/team has demonstrated strong leadership and ambition in building their role and network at Uni. Examples of this may include:

  • Being an active participant in University run events such as BBQs, market stall events and orientation activities
  • Creating a supportive and engaging atmosphere for other students within their group

Club or Society Committee Member of the Year

Recognising a student who has held a committee position in a club and society and made a huge impact. This student has demonstrated strong leadership and ambition in building their role and the presence of their club or society on campus. Examples of this may include:

  • Being an active participant in committee meetings, planning and running of events and activities
  • Supporting other committee members and developing a positive and engaged club or society culture

Club or Society of the Year: Ballarat, Berwick and Gippsland campuses

Recognising a student-run club/society/team which has been consistently well-run, active and inclusive over an extended period of time. This club/society/team possesses strong leadership in their committee which positively impacts their members/University. Examples of their sustained excellence may include:

  • Running events that engage students in positive activities which promote the relationship between themselves and the University community
  • Developing an exceptional group culture with consistently effective succession-planning

Nominees for club or society of the year at each campus will also be considered for the overall university award for Outstanding Club or Society.