Deadly scholarships - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Deadly scholarships are administered on behalf of the Indigenous Student Success Program. Only Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are eligible to apply.

Deadly Education Scholarships

$2000 per semester

The ICECS assists with education costs for students studying in higher education. This scholarship is continuing throughout the duration of a students course. Please see eligibility criteria below:

  • Must be enrolled in an enabling (Fast program), undergraduate, honours or post-graduate course
  • Part-time students will be paid pro rata
  • Not receiving a Start-Up Loan from Centrelink. If you are receiving a Start-Up Loan please come and talk to us about cancelling this request to receive this scholarship.

Deadly Accommodation Scholarship

$3500 in first year per semester, $2500 each semester after

The ICAS assists with relocation and accommodation costs.

  • Must be enrolled in an enabling, undergraduate, honours or post-graduate course
  • Has had to relocate to commence studies
  • Part-time students will be paid pro rata
  • Have not received a Relocation Scholarship from Centrelink

Deadly Reward Scholarships

Up to $3000

The ICRS has been introduced to reward students who have achieved exceptionally high standards, participates in an activity related to their course or contributed to their University or Community. Please note that there is no application procedure for the Deadly Reward Scholarships - these are awarded by the Aboriginal Education Centre (AEC).

How to apply

To be considered for these scholarships applicants must log in to the Scholarships and Grants management System.

Upon application, you will be required to provide the following:

Note: All Statutory Declarations will be monitored by the Aboriginal Education Centre. If a query is made, the onus will be put back onto the applicant to explore and prove their Aboriginality (meeting all three key criteria’s of the Confirmation of Aboriginality)

Note 2: A Statutory Declaration is a legal binding document. Serious consequences will be applied to those found providing incorrect information and falsifying documents.

For further information please contact Scholarships, Bursaries and Grants on 5327 9340 or email

Dr (Aunty) Mary Atkinson Scholarship


Dr (Aunty) Mary Atkinson demonstrated a lifetime of commitment to the pursuit of improving Indigenous participation in, and outcomes from, education and training. The Dr (Aunty) Mary Atkinson Scholarship assists Indigenous students undertaking an undergraduate program of study to achieve their future aspirations. To be eligible students must be in their 1st year of study.

Applications have now closed for 2020.

Applications will reopen in 2021.