Programs and initiatives

Respect on campus

At Federation University, we believe our diversity is our strength.  We aim to continually foster and provide a place of equal opportunity and freedom from discrimination and harassment for all members of the University’s community, and to create an environment which reflects and values the social and cultural diversity within it. Respect on campus is achieved through a wide range of University-wide initiatives including all staff training in Preventing Discrimination and Harassment, student training in Equal Rights are Your Rights, tailored training for student leaders, student senate, clubs and societies and international students, University wide policy and procedural development and continual review and the development and implementation of our action plans.

Partnering with Our Watch, Educating for Equality program

As part of Federation University’s ongoing commitment to providing a safe and inclusive environment to work and study, we have partnered with Our Watch’s Educating for Equality program to jointly develop training materials and webinars tailored for students and staff. These will be delivered in the second half of 2022.

Towards an Inclusive and Respectful Community Action Plan

We thank every student who responded to the National Student Safety Survey (NSSS) and those who bravely shared their stories. The survey results are part of a growing body of evidence in Australia which shows that sexual harassment and sexual assault are pervasive in all corners of our society. As a nation, this cannot be tolerated and, as a sector, we must be part of the solution.

At Federation University we have been working hard to improve for many years in making practical changes, but we know that we need to do more and we will do it. The findings of the NSSS will be our guide to our ongoing work. We will reflect on these results, engage with our community and determine the way forward, with the development of a whole of university action plan Towards an Inclusive and Respectful Community. The development of this action plan will include workshops and forums with students, staff, community stakeholders and experts in the field in the first half of 2022.