Scholarships and grants

At Federation University, we understand that being a student can be tough financially. That is why we provide a range of scholarships and grants to make life easier and allow you to focus on your studies. Depending on your eligibility, we can help you out with course essentials such as a laptop or book voucher, or even up to $7,000 in scholarship funding to cover the cost of living.

Our scholarships and grants support people from all walks of life – helping build the communities we are proud to be part of. Thanks to generous government and donor funding, coupled with our strong industry ties, chances are you will find an opportunity that is right for you.

Explore our scholarships and join us on this educational journey.

Domestic Students

Explore the comprehensive range of initiatives and resources that Federation University (Fed) provides to nurture and empower domestic students as they pursue their academic goals.

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International Students

Uncover how Fed goes above and beyond to offer valuable fee reduction scholarships and grants to international students ensuring their experience studying abroad is both rewarding and accessible.

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Essential Information

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What scholarships and grants do we offer?

With over one hundred scholarships and grants on offer, you will find one matching your personal circumstances.


Discover the invaluable assistance provided to students experiencing financial hardship through Foundation Scholarships.

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Find out about scholarships and grants for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to support their educational journey.

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Explore a range of Higher Degree by Research scholarship options to current and prospective Masters by research or PhD candidates.

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Gain insight into a wide range of scholarship we have gathered from various external sources to achieve your educational goals.

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Future International Students

Gain insight into scholarships offered as part of the admissions process for future international students to support their educational journey.

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Discover the invaluable assistance provided to current and prospective students experiencing financial hardship through grants.

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Our scholarships Reward Excellence recognise top performers, Celebrate Diversity supports students from all backgrounds and Ease Finances reduces financial stress for you and your family.

Join us in shaping the future of education with the help of these scholarships.

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