Vocational education and training

Government-subsidised places

The Victorian Government provides funding for some VET courses through the Skills First Program, which means that students enrolling in a government subsidised place pay less for their training. If you're eligible for subsidised training, you still have to pay part of the tuition fee and any other course costs, ie material fees.

Free TAFE for priority courses

The Victorian Government's Free TAFE for Priority Courses initiative will cover tuition fees for priority TAFE courses and some priority pathway courses for students who are eligible for government-subsidised training. Following recent changes to the eligibility requirements, Free TAFE is even more more accessible, for example, if you already have a VET qualification or a university degree, you may now be able to access Free TAFE to help you gain the skills for the job you want.

Visit Federation TAFE for further information.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for a government subsidised place students must meet certain eligibility criteria. Any student who does not meet the eligibility criteria will be charged the full fee tuition rate. To check your eligibility please visit our Eligibility criteria page.


Concession rates only apply to government-subsidised students enrolling in courses at Certificate IV level and below. Tuition fees are calculated on a student's concession eligibility at the time of each enrolment. Concession rates are calculated at 20% of the tuition fee payable by non-concession students in a government-subsidised place.

The eligibility criteria is set by the Victorian Government and assessed by Federation TAFE in accordance with government directives, which are subject to change at any time. You must hold a valid concession card during the enrolment process or at the time you apply for a fee concession. You will receive a fee concession for any eligible classes, which are scheduled to start on or after the date of application, for a year.

To be eligible for a fee concession you must:

  • hold a valid Commonwealth Health Care Card, or be named on the card as a dependent child/spouse, or
  • hold a valid Pensioner Card, or be named on the card as a dependent child/spouse, or
  • hold a valid Veterans' Gold Card

You cannot apply for a fee concession if you:

  • are enrolled in a Diploma or Advanced Diploma
  • are enrolled in a Vocational Graduate Certificate or Vocational Graduate Diploma
  • are enrolled in a full-fee paying place (non government subsidised place)

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students will have access to free tuition for approved training at any level, including Diploma/Advanced Diploma level under the Victorian Government's Skills First Aboriginal Access fee waiver initiative.

Full-fee paying places

Students not eligible for a government-subsidised place will be charged the full-fee tuition rate for all enrolled hours.

The University reserves the right to alter any course, procedure, regulation or fee.

For further information please refer to the VET Information Guide which is available on the Federation handbook page.