Payment due dates

When are my fees due?

The semester or teaching period in which you are enrolled and the type of fees you have been charged will determine your payment due date. Your Tax Invoice lists your current fees and their due date/s. An invoice will be issued after you have enrolled and tuition fees have been calculated.

Ensure you pay your fees on time to avoid any penalties or cancellation of your enrolment. You must pay all of your fees by the due date except for fees to be deferred through an approved HECS-HELP, SA-HELP, FEE-HELP or VET Student Loan with a valid Tax File Number (TFN).

2023 Payment Due Dates

Vocational education and training (TAFE)
SemesterCertificate I-IV
Diploma & Advanced
Diploma Tuition
Administrative &
Material Fees
Full Year 2023 (VET)230114 days from invoice date
(multiple dates)
14 days from invoice date
Higher Education

On Campus & Partner Providers

Student Contribution
Domestic Full Fee-Paying
Student Services & Amenities Fee (SSAF)International Full Fee-Paying TuitionAdministrative & Incidental
Late Summer230220-Jan-202320-Jan-202320-Jan-202320-Jan-202314 days from invoice date
12305 230724-Mar-202324-Mar-202324-Mar-202331-Mar-202314 days from invoice date
Winter231508-Jul-202308-Jul-202308-Jul-202315-Jul-202314 days from invoice date
22317 232008-Aug-202308-Aug-202308-Aug-202315-Aug-202314 days from invoice date
Spring232508-Oct-202308-Oct-202308-Oct-202315-Oct-202314 days from invoice date
Summer232703-Dec-202303-Dec-202303-Dec-202310-Dec-202314 days from invoice date

Federation Online (FOL)

Student Contribution
Domestic Full Fee-Paying TuitionStudent Services & Amenities Fee (SSAF)Administrative Fees
1(2304)10-Feb-202310-Feb-202310-Feb-202314 days from invoice date
2(2314)05-May-202305-May-202305-May-202314 days from invoice date
3(2322)28-Jul-202328-Jul-202328-Jul-202314 days from invoice date
4(2326)20-Oct-202320-Oct-202320-Oct-202314 days from invoice date