Health and wellbeing resources

To support the health and wellbeing of our staff during COVID-19, we have curated the following suite of resources that we hope might be of assistance.

There are many elements that contribute to our health and wellbeing, such as having good work-life balance, exercise, sleep, diet and social connections. Having access to good financial information is also very important so we have included information on this too.

Our aim is to continue to build on and develop these resources, so please keep checking in and let us know what you find useful. That will assist us in ensuring that we continue to provide information that you find helpful and relevant in supporting your health and wellbeing. You can email any feedback to

Mental health and mindfulness

Mental health and wellbeingMindfulnessHumourSleep
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Mental health and wellbeing

Helpful tip sheets


'Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment with openness, curiosity and without judgement.'

Consider signing up for one of these free online courses:

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Sleep is your superpower

Social and community connectedness

Connecting with others is important for our wellbeing and helps us feel safe, less stressed and anxious.

While working

  • Call or video conference with colleagues instead of emailing or messaging
  • Inject some fun into your day with ‘getting to know you’ competitions within your team
  • Plan virtual morning tea or coffee catch ups
  • Organise a virtual team lunch

Outside of work

  • Write emails and letters to share a favourite memory
  • Play online video games or board games with friends or family
  • Start or join a virtual book club
  • Engage in a group chat with friends, family or workmates
  • Video chat with someone you care about
  • Host a virtual dinner or drinks catch up
  • Check on neighbours and people in your community and provide support where you can.

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Did you know that 30 minutes of yoga, reading or humour have similar effects in reducing stress?

Yoga with Adriene. How did we ever cope before?


What better time to search for a book to make you laugh out loud, intrigue or inspire.

If you want some other ideas, here are some good places to start.


Laughter is a great form of stress relief and can be a good way to defuse tensions, especially as we are now spending more time at home.

Work-life balance

Exercise and movement

Exercise and movement

There is no doubt that with working from home, we are spending a lot more time sitting down. Here are some ideas that might help you to sit less and move more.

  • Start the day with a walk around the block – it’s a great way to set your mind to starting the work day and gives you a 'third space'.
  • Make it a rule to stand up while you are have a conversation. Better yet, pace!
  • Walk more around your house.
  • Make a list of five-minute tasks/activities/exercises and do one every hour.
  • Walk after you eat lunch.
  • Dance when you can.
  • Finish your work day with another quick 'walk home' around the block – again, using that 'third space' to transition from work to home.

Home office ergonomics – setting up your workstation

To avoid injury, set up your work space so that it's ergonomic. Please view the guideline on setting up your workstation to avoid injury (pdf, 228kb) and ergonomic self-assessment checklist (pdf, 596kb).

Don’t work from the couch or you will regret it by day three.

Online exercise resources

Healthy eating

This is the perfect time to try new recipes.

Resources for families


Having access to good financial information and being able to manage money, insurance and savings are important factors in achieving financial wellbeing. Now might be a good time to get some advice on financial arrangements and supports.

Counselling and other support