How to disclose or report

If you have witnessed or experienced unacceptable or concerning behaviour, we are here to help. You can tell a staff member who will listen, talk you through options and offer support.

Find support

If you have experienced violence, sexual harm or threats or are worried about someone who has, you don't have to cope alone. We can connect you with people, services and information to help you make sense of things and feel better.

What we're doing to keep you safe

We are committed to you thriving at Federation University, free from discrimination, violence or harassment and are taking action across every area of university life to make our campuses equitable and safe.

Equity and safety policies

We have policies and procedures in place to protect your rights and to help take action if something has happened.

Student training

Our training empowers you to know your rights, get help if you need it and support others to enjoy the same equitable treatment.

Staff training

View the current professional development calendar for staff including prevention of discrimination and harassment training and responding to disclosures training.

Programs and initiatives

At Federation, we believe our diversity is our strength. We’re undertaking a number of programs and initiatives to ensure a safe and inclusive environment to work and study.

National Student Safety Survey

The 2021 National Student Safety Survey (NSSS) collected data on the scale and nature of university student experiences of sexual harassment and sexual assault. These results will help guide our ongoing work for change.