Creating images with specific dimensions

A common task that web content coordinators and publishers perform is to add images to web pages.

Image requirements

  • An image must be created in the dimensions it is to be displayed at, before being brought into the Content Management System (CMS).
  • Images should be sharp and of good quality.
  • As a general guide, individual images should be less than 70kb in size, with the total for any given page less than 300kb.
  • To maintain a professional appearance and to avoid potential infringement of copyright cartoon/clip art images should not be used.

For those who do not have Adobe Photoshop® installed on their computer, or who are not familiar with that program, is a great alternative. is an image and photo editing program and can be downloaded free from the Application section in FedUni Software Centre.

To access Software Centre, select the search option in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. Start typing 'software' and the Software Centre option should be presented.

Go to website to view help documentation.

We have created an online tutorial to show you how to create a small image. In this instance the image is 93 (wide) x 83 (high) pixels but you can create an image of any size.

When resizing images keep the proportions the same or you will end up with an image that may appear stretched or warped.

Video tutorial - 2:19 mins

If you have trouble viewing the video on this page view it in FedFlix (mp4, 3.5mb).