University Health and Safety Policy Committee (UHSPC)

Terms of reference

Reporting to the Vice-Chancellor, the role of the UHSPC is to consider and make recommendations for compliance and improvement on university-wide health and safety matters relating to:

  • the prevention of injuries and illnesses among members of the University community
  • employee consultation regarding health and safety issues and workplace change
  • the management of incidents and emergencies arising in the context of University-endorsed activities
  • the rehabilitation and compensation of injured university employees
  • legislative compliance, auditing programs and monitoring the implementation of actions incorporated in Health and Safety Plans, and
  • the performance of the University in relation to health and safety.

The UHSPC must meet quarterly to comply with statutory requirements and to coincide with the planning and reporting cycle of the University's health and safety management systems. UHSPC recommendations are made to the Vice-Chancellor Senior Team to enable final ratification by the Vice-Chancellor.

The quorum for UHSPC meetings is achieved when half or more of the voting members attend.

Meetings of the UHSPC must be minuted, and the minutes made available to staff.


The UHSPC is chaired by a representative of the Vice-Chancellor's Senior Team. It comprises representatives from management and employees from each Portfolio. The UHSPC also seeks input from invited representatives.

Current membership includes:

Adrian Tinetti (Chair)

Didier Leclere (Executive Officer)

Shirley Fraser (Academic management)
TBA (Academic employees)

Joanne Fiorenza (Chief Operating Office management)
Pam McKee (Chief Operating Office employees)

Sharon Kitt (Research and Innovation management)
Paula di Maria (Research and Innovation employees)

TBA (Student Support and Services management)
Ray Farnsworth (Student Support and Services employees)

Erin Morgan (Higher Ed students)
vacant (TAFE students)

Invited representatives include:

Keith Caldwell (Director Facilities Services)
Greg Jakob (Berwick Campus)
TBA (Gippsland Campus)
Geoff Lord (Wimmera Campuses)
Stephen Young (VIOSH Australia)

Meeting dates for 2018

Wednesday 21 February
Wednesday 2 May (rescheduled from 18 April)
Wednesday 18 July
Wednesday 17 October