Special consideration, deferment or leave from study

2016 saw the introduction of the new Student Learning and Wellbeing Policy at FedUni. This overarching policy includes:

  • Higher Education Special Consideration Procedure and associated forms,
  • Disability Learning Access Plan Procedure and associated forms, and
  • Deferral or Leave from Studies Procedure.

The development of this policy and associated procedures, in particular the HE Special Consideration Procedure, were identified as gaps during the 2015 TEQSA policy review. A working party consisting of representatives from across the university developed the policy and then opened up to university wide feedback. The new policy, along with the simplified processes, eliminates the differences in processes across faculties and campuses while delivering clarity and consistency to both students and staff.

Policies for both HE and TAFE are now available under Essential Information for current students. Information and access to HE forms can be found here, and access to TAFE forms, here.

It is important that all staff are familiar with the new Student Learning and Wellbeing Policy and are able to direct their students in need appropriately and with confidence and care.