Types of consideration

Discretionary Assessment Extension

A Discretionary Assessment Extension is an application for a short-term extension on one assessment task. If a longer extension is being sought, or extension for multiple assessment or courses, the student is required to apply for Special Consideration.

  1. Download and submit the completed application form to their lecturer / Teacher (email preferred) no later than two working days prior to the assessment submission date and outline the length of extension you are requesting (up to 5 University working days) and the reason for this request.
  2. Student to submit any documentation that may support their discretionary assessment extension request (includes, but not limited to doctors certificate,  assessment drafts or evidence of progress, evidence of group-work difficulties) if applicable.

VET General Consideration

For Vocational and Education Training (VET) students applying for special consideration for circumstances beyond their control that prevent them from undertaking or completing an assessment task at the scheduled time.

Eligible students can apply for the following types of VET Special Consideration - General:

  • Extension of Assessment due date
  • Attendance requirements

Grounds for special consideration

Applications for VET Special Consideration will only be considered on the following grounds:

  • Medical Reasons: e.g., hospital admission, serious injury, severe asthma, severe anxiety or depression. Doesn not include minor illnesses.
  • Compassionate grounds: e.g., death of a significant other, significant relationship breakdown.
  • Hardship/Trauma: e.g., victim of crime, sudden loss of income or employment, severe disruption to domestic arrangements.
  • Other Causes: e.g., military or jury service, service to emergency services such as Country Fire Authority.

Circumstances within the students control (e.g., holidays, social or family occasions, usual demands of employment) and minor ailments will not be accepted as grounds for special consideration.

Supporting documentation

Supporting documentation  must be submitted and can include one or more of the following:

  • The Health Care Professional Certification form
  • A medical certificate:  FedUni will accept a medical certificate (bearing the provider/licence/registration number and official stamp), stating in reasonable detail:

the dates of any relevant consultations or attendances;

If relevant, the nature of the complaint or treatments; and

A specific statement that in the health care professional's opinion (not the student opinion that, as a result of the complaint or treatment, the student is, or was, severely, moderately, or n a minor way, impacted or unfit or unable to undertake the assessment or attend the campus over a specific time frame.

  • A death notice certificate;
  • A police report
  • Notification including start and finish dates of:

Defence Reserve Service from the Defence Reservists Military Unit;

Jury service from the Jury Commissioner's Office;

Obligations to emergency services, from organisations such as the Country Fire Authority

  • Statutory declarations from relevant people

Ongoing medical conditions or disabilities

Students with ongoing medical conditions or disabilities are encouraged to engage with the Disability Liaison Unit (DLU) and negotiate a Learning Access Plan (LAP).

Disability is defined as:

  • Total or partial loss of bodily or mental functions; total or partial loss, malfunction, malformation or disfigurement of part of the body; or
  • A disorder or malfunction that results in the person learning differently from a person without the disorder or malfunction; or
  • The presence in the body of organisms capable of, or causing disease or illness; or
  • A disorder, illness or disease that affects thought processes, perception of reality, emotions or judgment resulting in disturbed behavior; and includes a disability that:
  • Presently exists; or previously existed but no longer exists; or may exist in the future; or is imputed to a person.

How to apply - Lodging your form

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Possible outcomes

There are three possible outcomes of an application for VET Special Consideration - General:

  • Special Consideration granted: A new submission date  is to be arranged for the student's assessment task.
  • Special Consideration granted: attendance requirements renegotiated
  • Special Consideration not granted.

A student may cancel or withdraw their application by contacting the faculty directly.


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Support service

If you are unsure and need support or help with your application, you can talk to a Counsellor at your campus.

For assistance with an appeal refer to the University Student Advisory Service

Privacy and confidentiality

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Policies and Procedures

Go to the Student Access, Progression and Wellbeing webpage to see the following policies & procedures:

  • Student Access, Progression and Wellbeing Policy
  • VET Special Consideration Procedure
  • Disability Learning Access Plan Procedure