Student Advocacy

Understand the formalities

We can help you navigate your way around University legislation, policies and procedures.

Know your rights

We can provide information about your rights and responsibilities at FedUni

Prepare you for hearings

We can help you to write letters and prepare you for interviews and hearings.

Student Advocacy is paid for by the Student Services and Amenities Fee. We can give you clear advice and information around University policies, procedures and processes and help you with your university concerns.

We support TAFE and higher education students, including those studying on-campus, online and at partner providers.

We are here for you, the student.

Assessment and results

If you have received grades that you are unsure about, such as a ZN grade,  find out what it means on the Assessment and Results page.

This page also contains information about getting more feedback on your work and requesting a second marking if your grade is very different to your usual grades.

Special consideration

If you need assistance with applying for Special Consideration or appealing an outcome please visit our Special Consideration page

Exams and end of semester assessments

It’s your responsibility to ensure you are aware of all rules regarding your exams and end of semester assessments. We can assist you if there is an issue on the day of your exam or you have been charged with an exam breach.

See our Exam and end of semester assessment page for more information.


You may be able to appeal a University decision or ask for it to be reviewed. Students should generally follow the internal processes (FedUni Student Appeal Procedure) before pursuing an external appeal or complaint. Not all University decisions can be appealed, so please contact us if you are unsure. For more information about different appeal types:

Unsatisfactory progress

If you have not passed some of your subjects, you will probably receive an email and/or letter. This will either be a notice of failed course, notice of unsatisfactory semester, notice of suspension, notice of exclusion or restricted program letter. We can help you to respond to your letter.

Go to our Unsatisfactory progress page for further information.

Plagiarism and misconduct

If you have been charged with plagiarism, academic or general misconduct we can help you prepare for your hearing. Please contact us for support and information.

See our Plagiarism and misconduct page for further information.

Discrimination, harassment and bullying

If you have experienced discrimination or harassment (or you think you might have) we can talk with you about your options. In some cases we may introduce you to the Equity and diversity team.

See the Equity and diversity website for further information about discrimination and harassment.

To talk to us about any of your concerns please make an appointment to speak to us via our Make an appointment page.


If you have a complaint, you can contact us for advice and support.

See our Complaints page for further information.

If there are legal issues impacting on your life and studies, such as tenancy, Centrelink, fines, debt, family violence, our legal referral page contains links to services where you can get free legal advice.

Remission of debt

Sometimes life doesn’t go to plan and significantly impacts on your ability to succeed in your studies. If things go wrong or get worse after census date, you may be eligible for a Remission of Debt. Find out more about this process and how we can assist you to apply on our Remission of Debt page.


Information is collected to help us assist you in resolving the concerns outlined on your Student Advisory Service appointment form. You can sign an 'Authority to Act' on the appointment form allowing us to liaise and consult with Federation University Australia teaching and administrative staff and other relevant third parties to assist with resolution of your concerns.

You have right of access to, and correction of, personal information in accordance with the relevant privacy legislation and the Federation University Australia Information Privacy Policy: Information Privacy Policy

Inquiries in relation to privacy can be directed to Federation University Australia Privacy Officers, contact the Legal Office

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