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Unsatisfactory progress

Warning letters

If there are signs that you are not doing so well you will receive a letter or email (usually both), warning you that your performance is unsatisfactory and asking you to meet with your Program Coordinator or staff member in your school.

If you are an international student, under Australian law, the University is obliged to track your progress and make sure that you are successfully completing your studies. If you do not maintain satisfactory progress your visa will be at risk.

Exclusion or suspension letters

Exclusion or suspension letters are sent when any attempt to improve your academic performance has not worked and you will be told that your performance is unsatisfactory.

In most cases this occurs where a student:

  • Fails in 50% or more of the courses in which they are enrolled in any semester.
  • Fails any course for the second time

If you are in this situation you have 20 working days* to appeal the exclusion or suspension letter (sometimes students may receive a letter about a restricted program - the same applies).

Appealing an exclusion or suspension

You can appeal a notice of exclusion or suspension by writing a letter explaining why you should not be excluded or suspended from your program.

In the letter you need to outline what has impacted on your current studies, and what you intend to do to make sure that you don't find yourself in this situation again. For example: have you reduced the number of hours you are working or started attending PASS sessions to support your studies? To assist you in preparing an exclusion or suspension appeal letter please read Statute 5.5 and use the letter template:

Statute 5.5 - Unsatisfactory progress (pdf, 17kb)

Restricted program, exclusion or suspension appeal letter template (pdf, 107kb)

Please include with your submission copies of any documents that you think are relevant to your case. Examples include statutory declarations, letters of support from a medical professional, academic transcripts, special consideration forms, study plans.

We can assist students to draft and proofread letters before they are submitted.

Submitting your appeal

Your appeal must be accompanied by this Appeal Submission form (pdf, 141kb)

Your form, letter and supporting documentation should be sent to the Dean of your School using the relevant address in the table below.

If you are not sure which School you belong to, check here: Federation University Australia Schools

School Email address
Federation Business School
School of Arts
School of Education
School of Science, Psychology and Sport
School of Health
School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Science

Don't delay – timelines apply.

If you require assistance or more information regarding unsatisfactory progress you can contact us.

*Working day - means an ordinary business day of the University (excluding weekends, public holidays or days on which the University is officially closed, eg. Christmas close-down)