Global Professional School

Satisfactory academic progress and attendance

Your student visa (condition 8202) requires you to continue to meet the requirements of your program by maintaining satisfactory academic progress in your program so you are able to complete your program within the specified duration of your student visa.

For some programs, such as English and Academic Preparation, we are also required to monitor your attendance.

We are required to monitor your academic progress and attendance (in applicable programs) to ensure that you complete your studies within the duration specified on your original Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

Information about the progress and attendance requirements of your program can be found in the program handbook.

Identifying students at risk of not meeting satisfactory academic progress or attendance

We have procedures in place to monitor the academic progress and attendance of students. If you have been identified to be at risk of not meeting satisfactory academic progress or attendance requirements, you will be contacted by your School or Academic Coordinator to request a meeting to discuss your progress.

At the meeting it may be decided that an intervention strategy (also known as a Success Plan) will be put in place to assist you.

Students who do not meeting satisfactory academic progress or attendance

If you have been assessed as not achieving satisfactory academic progress or attendance in your program, we will notify you in writing of our intention to report to Immigration your breach of visa condition 8202 and that you have the opportunity to appeal the decision. The notification will advise you of the appeal process.

If you choose not to appeal or if your appeal in unsuccessful, you enrolment from your program will be cancelled and the cancellation will be reported to Immigration through the cancellation of your CoE. This may impact your student visa.

If you are reported for not meeting satisfactory academic progress you may be excluded from your program for a period of two years.