Global Professional School

Foundation studies

Develop your English and academic skills in a supportive environment, while completing a variety of courses that give you an appreciation for what Federation offers, with our pre-university qualification, the Foundation Studies program.

This pre-university program is designed  for international students to meet the requirements needed to enter either the first year of an undergraduate degree, or one of our Diploma programs. Small classes support students, as they receive a specialised education and additional Academic and English language support.

Through the Foundation program students will be able to experience a number of courses that will provide insight into various industry disciplines, including; Health/Nursing, Information Technology, Education, Business and Law.  This provides you an opportunity to determine your interests  ahead of pursing higher education.

The most intriguing course, Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders People History, provides insight into an indigenous culture that has been in existence for over 60,000 years, and cannot be found in any other country, other than Australia.   It will expose you to thought provoking history, authentic experiences, and challenging ideas.

A two-staged approach ensures you’ll develop the necessary skills to launch into tertiary education and life in Australia.  During stage one, you’ll focus on Academic and Communication Skills A, Information Technology, Maths, Business and Law.  During stage two, you’ll focus on Academic and Communication Skills B, Health, Education, and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples History.

Upon completion, graduates may move into any of our Diploma programs or if meeting entry requirements, jump straight into the first year of an undergraduate program.

The Foundation Studies program meets the requirements for Foundation Program Standards 2021, and has been registered on CRICOS for delivery in Australia to overseas students.

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