Special consideration

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Sometimes things go wrong, but knowing your rights and responsibilities is the key.

Do you need an extension?

If you are seeking an extension for one assessment for less than five University working days, you can apply for a Discretionary Extension (pdf, 602kb). Discretionary Extension forms need to be submitted no later than two working days before the assessment due date via 'My Forms' in my Student Centre

If you need:

  • An extension longer than 5 working days
  • To request an extension after the discretionary extension due date has passed
  • Extensions for multiple courses
  • A supplementary assessment
  • Consideration given to an attendance requirement

Use the Special Consideration - General application (pdf. 727kb) instead. You can complete the application fully online by logging into my Student Centre.  

Get your application in on time: Applications for special consideration must be submitted within three working days after the assessment due date (exam or assignment).

Keep a copy of documents: When you submit all of your documentation make sure you keep a copy.

Doctors certificates: If you are not able to submit a Health Care Professional Certification (pdf, 656kb) and you are using a doctor's certificate it MUST include a classification of the impact that your condition had on you. Details of the classifications can be found on the front of the Health Care Professional Certification form. They include, severe, moderate and minor.

Don't forget: Federation University's counsellors can assist you with your Health Care Professional Certification form.

Caution: Be aware that the University reserves the right to call your health care practitioner if your medical certificate does not state how severely you have been impacted by your circumstances. If you do not want the University to call your medical practitioner and you would like a speedy response to your application, make sure you submit all the information the University requires.

How to appeal: If you think your school's decision is not fair, within ten working days of the adverse outcome, you may appeal in writing to the University Appeals Committee. You will need to complete the form, explain your case and submit all documentation.

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