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Information for staff

Referring students to counselling

Most students come to counselling for the first time because a teacher has suggested it. So, teachers, lecturers and other staff play an essential role in providing the bridge to counselling.

If a student is having a difficult time, such as with their finances, accommodation, feeling stuck, floundering, feeling overwhelmed, trying to make an important decision, or having a conflict with someone, these can all be good occasions to refer to counselling. If a student is talking to you about psychological issues and your gut feeling is ‘this is too much’, or you don't have the resources to deal with it, this is a good time to refer a student to the appropriate supports.

Secondary consultation

If you're not sure about referring a student, you can contact the counselling service yourself and discuss the matter confidentially. If you're going to refer a student yourself, make sure to get their consent to speak with a Counsellor on their behalf first.

In non-emergency situations you may also use the counsellors to assist you to unpack how to support a student who is presenting in a way that concerns or confuses you.

Counselling for staff

Staff can seek counselling services for personal or work-related matters from the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP is an independent support service engaged by the University to assist employees to maintain good health and well-being and is available to all staff members of the University as well as their immediate families.