Elite athlete, coach and performer program

Federation University Australia offers elite athletes, coaches and performers the opportunity to manage the demands of higher education with their elite athlete, coach and performer friendly university program.

Via customised support and the implementation of flexible study arrangements elite athletes, coaches and performers can strive for success in both the sporting/performance and academic arenas.


An elite athlete or coach is a person who participates in, or coaches sport at a level of state, national or international competition.
To qualify for the elite athlete, coach and performer program, you must be currently competing or coaching at a state level or higher.

An elite performer is a person who participates in significant state, national or international performances, productions installations, competitions or events.
For performers to access the program, they must demonstrate their endorsement by a state, national or international level performance organisation.

If a performer cannot demonstrate their endorsement by state, national or international level performance organisations, they may submit a request to be considered an elite performer on the basis of having;

  • Achieved significant success in a major artistic performing arts competition (outside of the applicants VCE/high school curriculum);
  • Undertaken a major role in commercial arts production as a performer and/or producer outside of their University course requirements;
  • Contracted with a major commercial music label or producer or equivalent commercial partner in any of the above fields; or
  • Achieved significant success as an independent artist/producer with a documented track record in any of the fields listed above.

Benefits of program

In the context of the elite athlete, coach and performer Friendly University Program, flexible study options include:

Assessment-related needs

  • Ability to negotiate assessment deadlines based on sporting related travel commitments
  • Ability to sit exams externally under exam conditions, within the athlete’s environment (e.g. whilst travelling, in their hotel etc)
  • The minimum attendance at lectures, tutorials or practicals waived where student-athlete/ performer unavailable due to sporting commitments

Enrolment-related needs

  • Ability to tailor academic study load to integrate with sporting/ performing commitments, available for first year students as well
  • Ability to negotiate lecture, tutorial and practical timetables to accommodate sporting/performing commitments
  • Ability to extend minimum time to complete course due to periods of decreased study load
  • Ability to take several leaves of absence where required due to increased sporting/performance commitments (e.g. Olympic Games year)
  • Ability to complete cross institutional study options with interstate universities, and flexibility within this policy provided for student athletes/performers (e.g. first year student’s eligible, increase number of subjects able to be completed by cross-institutional study
  • Provision of summer study alternatives and/or ability to swap between distance education mode and on-campus mode, depending on sporting/performing commitments
  • Recognition of credit achieved at interstate universities.

Course-related needs

Access to distance education materials, and/or class notes for missed lectures, tutorials or practicals.


Learning access plan (LAP)

The Learning Access Plan (LAP) assists you to communicate your negotiated adjustments and/or supports with other faculties/schools and services within FedUni.

The LAP will outline:

  • How your sporting/performing requirements will be managed in relation to your study needs.
  • Your strategies with managing your training/study needs
  • The adjustments you require within your academic program
  • Examination adjustments
  • Fieldwork/placement
  • Training/performance schedules
  • Competition dates and timelines

Elite Athlete Scholarship

    There is one $7,000 Elite Athlete Scholarship available to a commencing student each year. To be eligible you must complete the Elite Athlete, Coach and Performer application form and be granted entry to the program. 
    Applications for the scholarship are open between 1st November, 2017 and 23rd February, 2018.

Support services

Elite athlete, coach and performer university program application form

Complete the Elite athlete, coach and performer university program application form.

Please note, as part of this application you will be asked to submit  the below:

  • a statement of support from your state or national sport governing body to verify your status as an elite athlete
  • a brief summary of your sporting curriculum vitae (optional),
  • evidence of team selection and state national rankings (optional),
  • a recent image of yourself (optional).

It is advised that you have all of these attachments ready to upload to your application when you complete it.

Contact us

For further information on the elite athlete, coach and performer program contact Jason Slater:

Ph: 5327 6642

Email: sport@federation.edu.au