Remission of debt

Sometimes things go wrong in your life and significantly impact on your ability to succeed in your studies. If it happens after census date, you may be eligible for a remission of debt. This applies if you have failed a course, or withdrawn after census date.

A remission of debt is a cancellation of HELP-debt or tuition-fee refund depending on your fee type. This process also removes failed courses from your academic transcript. This allows you to complete them at a later time and not have to pay for them twice.

Please visit the Remission of debt website to view the special circumstances, criteria and forms for remission of debt. You will need to provide evidence to support your application

Caution: a lack of understanding of your requirements and responsibilities as a student is not considered to be beyond your control. This process does not apply to any courses that you have passed.

You must apply for  remission of your debt within 12 months of withdrawing from a course or the end of the semester in which you studied it.

How we can assist you

  • discuss your circumstances and help you document them
  • help you to decide what supporting evidence to include
  • help you complete the application form

If you need help with your application make an appointment to discuss your options.