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Create email links

These instructions assume you are in the ‘Contents’ screen (in ‘Safe Edit’ mode) of the page where you want to create the link.

Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Firefox or you want to add an email link to a text that is not an email address (eg. ‘Email Corporate Web Team’), please follow these instructions below:

  1. In the WYSIWYG screen, highlight the link text (eg. ‘’, OR ‘Email Corporate Web Team’).
  2. In the WYSIWYG menu click on the ‘Toggle Link Options’ icon
  3. In the ‘Toggle Link Options’ dialogue box    
    1. Insert link dialogue box with example email in URL field‘URL’: type or copy and paste in the email address (eg. ‘’)
    2. ‘Subject’: enter the default subject line if desired, otherwise leave empty (eg, ‘Website enquiry’)
    3. Click ‘Update Changes’
    4. Click ‘Save’

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, if you type the email address (eg. ‘’) then add a space the link will be automatically created. You will not need to do anything else.