Jury service

The University is obligated by law to release employees for jury service and employees will be paid to attend court for the purpose of jury service (leave for jury service required by casual or sessional employees is normally unpaid).

If you are summoned for jury service, you must tell your supervisor of your date for jury service, and whether that date is subject to change. The University may reasonably expect a copy of the relevant documentation to verify your requirement to attend.

If you are selected as a juror on a trial, you should let your supervisor know the estimated length of the trial as soon as possible. If this estimate changes during the trial, tell your supervisor, but be careful not to discuss the details of the case. Once the period of jury service is completed you must submit a ESS leave request, accompanied by documentation confirming the dates you attended court, to ensure payment for jury service leave can be processed.

On days you are required to attend court you are not required to attend the workplace beforehand. You may return to work after court if you and the University mutually agree, however you should also be confident it will not interfere with your ability to do your duty as a juror. For most people, serving as a juror can be quite tiring. You should not work late each night while you are on jury service, nor will the University expect this. By law, the University cannot dismiss you or penalise you for attending for jury service.

If you are summoned to attend court as a prospective juror as part of a jury pool awaiting possible jury selection and are subsequently dismissed early on such days, it is the University's view that under normal circumstances you would return to work if there is still a reasonable amount of work time within your ordinary span of hours, however you cannot be compelled to do so. For example, if such attendance is required at 9:00 am and you are dismissed by 11:30 am, it is reasonable to return to work for the remainder of that work day.

Work commitments are not generally a sufficient reason to be excused from jury service. However, if you or the University are able to establish that your absence from work will cause serious inconvenience or problems, you may seek to be excused or have your service postponed to a more convenient time.


Please contact Andrew Wright, Manager, Workplace Relations, on 5327 6501 or email: a.wright@federation.edu.au.