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Working with Children Checks (WWCC)

In order to meet Victorian Government legislative requirements under the Worker Screening Act 2020, the University has developed a Working With Children Check (WWCC) Policy and Procedure applicable to all staff, contractors and volunteers who are required to work in child-related work or activities on behalf of the University.

Staff will need a WWCC if their position meets all five criteria listed below:
  • You engage, or intend to engage, in child-related work as an employee or volunteer;
  • You are an adult working with under 18 year olds;
  • You are working in any of the occupational fields listed in the Worker Screening Act 2020 – please refer to the Procedure;
  • Your work involves direct contact with children. Direct contact means physical, face-to-face, written, oral or electronic contact; and
  • Your contact with children is part of your duties and not incidental to your work. Incidental can be generally taken to mean “being likely to ensue as a chance or minor consequence”.

Please find below links that will help you to understand who will need a WWCC and the steps you will need to follow to ensure adherence with the WWCC Policy and Procedure.

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