Leave for cultural or ceremonial purposes

Academic and general/professional staff

Academic and general/professional staff are entitled to up to three days paid leave (which is non cumulative) (this is over and above sick leave, recreation or carer's leave) per calendar year, for the purpose of fulfilling or observing religious, ceremonial or culturally significant days. A supervisor may require reasonable evidence in support of leave under this clause.

Where it can be demonstrated that the three days referred to above are not sufficient, an employee may access a further two days from their personal leave entitlement if available.

Where all such additional leave entitlements have been exhausted the staff member may request their relevant supervisor to consider whether they may be granted access to further accrued sick leave credits, annual leave or long-service leave entitlements, or alternatively by taking leave without pay to cover any further period of absence for additional leave.

TAFE teaching staff

TAFE teaching staff can apply for leave for religious or ceremonial purposes where they have a ritual obligation to participate in ceremonial activity or have customary and traditional law obligations. They are able to apply for up to 10 days leave without pay in any calendar year.

For detailed information on leave entitlements and conditions for different staff categories please click on the relevant link/s below.

How to apply for cultural or ceremonial leave

  • Fully understand your cultural or religious leave entitlements and options.
  • See links below and/or discuss your situation and plans confidentially with Human Resources and/or with your supervisor.
  • Log in to the Employee Self-Service (ESS) online system to submit your request. Please provide supporting documents.

Enterprise agreement - Extracts

Links to detailed information on leave entitlements and conditions relevant to leave for cultural or religious purposes for different staff categories:

Cultural and ceremonial leave - Academic and general staff
Federation University Australia Union Collective Agreement (UCA) 2015-2018,
Academic and General Staff Employees
Link to: Clause 53 (pdf, 24kb)

Recognition of cultural obligations - TAFE teaching staff
Victorian TAFE Teaching Staff Multi-Business Agreement (MBA) 2009
Link to: Clause 23 (pdf, 10kb)

Please note the 'provisions/entitlements' above do not apply to casual or sessional staff members.