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Frequently asked questions

What do I need to do to book a vehicle?

You must first request access to the online booking system.

Once you have a Smartfleet user account your username and password will be forwarded to you. You will need these details to log in to Smartfleet and also the secure vehicle key box.

How do I update my details in Smartfleet?
Click on the 'My Profile' tab, this allows users to update personal details, including username, password and licence details.

Important things to remember when booking a vehicle:

  • You should allow yourself plenty of time beforehand to collect the keys and vehicle.
  • Make sure you have your username and password to collect keys for the vehicle from the secure key box.
  • Book the vehicle for 30 minutes extra either side of your journey to ensure you allow plenty of time to collect the keys and also to allow for unexpected delays on your return, ie: traffic. This will mitigate problems for the next driver.
  • It is better to return the vehicle early than have the next driver waiting for you to return.

I have forgotten my username and/or password:

  • Go to the Smartfleet website
  • On the Client Login tab, click "Request new password"
  • You will be taken to another screen, enter your User Name (if known) or your email.
  • Click on "Submit"
  • You will be given a temporary password which you will be prompted to change when you next log in.

When can I pick up the keys?
Keys can be picked up 30 minutes before your pick-up time and, if you are delayed, will be available up to 30 minutes after that time.

What do I do if the driver before me hasn't returned the vehicle on time?
In the event that the vehicle has not been returned on time, contact the Pool Vehicle Officer.

The other option is for you to cancel your existing booking and create a new booking. This can only be done if it is prior to your current pick-up time. If it is past your pick-up time contact the Pool Vehicle Officer.

Who can I contact if I have a problem with opening the vehicle key box?
If you have trouble opening the key box please ensure that you are using the correct login details (which are the same as your Smartfleet login details). If you are still not able to get access to the key box, please contact the Pool Vehicle Officer.

What if I am running late returning the vehicle?
If the car is booked, this may hold up the next driver. To avoid such situations, book the vehicle for 30 minutes extra either side of your journey to ensure you allow plenty of time to collect the keys and also to allow for unexpected delays on your return, ie: traffic.

If you are running late contact the Pool Vehicle Officer immediately.

What if I leave something in a vehicle after returning the key to the key box?
Contact the Pool Vehicle Officer as soon as possible.

Who should I report to in the case of maintenance, accidents or servicing?
Located in each vehicle is a 'Driver Information Kit', which contains contact details for all accident management, vehicle failures and servicing requirements.

What should the registration label on the vehicle look like?
Affixed to the windscreen of vehicles should be a blue EFRS (Electronic Fleet Registration) label. If you notice an old green registration label, please contact the Pool Vehicle Officer to organise and EFRS label.

What if the vehicle allocated is not suitable?
When creating a booking, please specify your type of vehicle required. Once the vehicle booking has been authorised and confirmed the system automatically allocates a vehicle. If the vehicle is still not suitable, please contact the Pool Vehicle Officer whom may be able to allocate a specific vehicle if available.

What if there are no vehicles available
Please check if you can pool car with another driver who may be going to the same destination as you first. If this is not available, the next step is then to book a hire vehicle through either Hertz or Avis. To do this you will need to book through the University Travel and Expense system Concur

Who is the Pool Vehicle Officer?
Mandy Bull (Ballarat and Wimmera)
Facilities Services

Phone: (03) 5327 9150 or (03) 5327 9520

Julie Harvey (Gippsland & Berwick)
Facilities Services

Phone: (03) 5122 6688