Living on campus success

FedUni Living, Success Lives Here

The benefits of living on campus are many and significant. The combination of social inclusion and sense of community is reflected in the retention and academic success of students. Federation University Australia's research shows student attrition to be lower for students who live with us compared to those who do not. It is important that staff understand the opportunities, support and services that Campus Life and FedUni Living offer to our students.

The FedUni Living - Live, Learn, Lead (LLL) program has received a major award at the 2016 Australian Awards for University Teaching acknowledging quality teaching practices and outstanding contributions to student learning.

The LLL program aims to challenge and educate the residential community to:

  • Live with others who are different - the ability to engage and interact with a diverse community in order to foster the cooperation and mutual understanding necessary for successful group living.
  • Practise life skills - the practice and refinement of actions and inactions that allow resident students to live safely, healthily and successfully in group living environments.
  • Take responsibility within the community - the understanding of how one's actions and decisions have positive and negative consequences on both the individuals immediately around you and within the community.

By understanding the Success Lives Here message and the LLL Program you, as a staff member, can be confident that recommending on-campus living to your students will benefit their development personally, socially and academically. Read more about the benefits and options for students living on campus.