Success Lives Here

Success lives here

The philosophy at the core of Fedliving's student residential community is that we strive to cultivate and maintain a strong sense of community that engages with the institution, with the ultimate aim of enhancing the transition, learning experience and success of our students.

** Federation University Australia's research shows student attrition to be considerably lower for students who live with us compared to those who do not.

Through our highly effective support programs, combined with unique residential experience, Fedliving provides an environment where students who live with us are supported in not just their academic pursuits, but importantly their social, cultural and personal development as well.

Fedliving's programs and support targets identified needs that enhance student learning, engagement and developmental outcomes - contributing to greater satisfaction and success in relation to your university experience.

Our residential programs incorporates innovative practice in outreach activity; tailored needs-based assessment and admission; holistic transition and orientation programming and; a resilience-based growth, development and success program that is integrated with the institutional teaching, learning and support framework.

We challenge and educate our residential community to:

Live with others who are different - The ability to engage and interact with a diverse community in order to foster the cooperation and mutual understanding necessary for successful group living.

Practice life skills - The practice and refinement of actions and in actions that allow resident students to live safely, healthily and successfully in group living environments.

Take responsibility within the community - The understanding of how one's actions and decisions have positive and negative consequences on the both the individual and the community.

Our research tells us that students who live with us are most satisfied with their residential experience and speak positively in respect to their transition experience to university life. The increased opportunity to get to know peers, development of strong interpersonal relationships, an ability to study effectively and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle are key features of the residential experience at FedUni.

The benefits of staying within Federation University Australia Halls and Residences include:

  • Success |  Federation University research shows students who live with us are more likely to succeed
  • Friendship |  Develop instant networks and lifelong friendships with a sense of community
  • Opportunity |  Amazing opportunities, planned experiences, activities and so much fun
  • Support |  24/7 support so you can enjoy a balanced living and learning community
  • Convenience | For peace of mind and convenience residences are located on, or close to campus

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