Living on res not only provides the best possible start to your University experience, fantastic opportunities, invaluable memories and lifelong friends. It also represents great value.

Fees and charges

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With the rising cost of living, you can have some peace of mind knowing that living on campus not only provides the best possible start to your university experience, fantastic opportunities, invaluable memories, and lifelong friends, it also represents great value. All bills are included in the set weekly rental rate- including utilities and internet, so there are no hidden or unexpected costs. Find out more.

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Ballarat residences

2024 Weekly Rate, Academic Year Contract (inc GST) 
Mount Helen (Bella Guerin and Peter Lalor) $231
Camp Street - studio $308
Camp Street - apartment $273
Victoria Street unit - ensuite $238

Gippsland residences

2024 Weekly Rate, Academic Year Contract (inc GST) 
West House $196
North Place - standard $196
North Place - ensuite $231
Halls of Residence - standard $203
Halls of Residence - ensuite $231

Berwick residences

2024 Weekly Rate, Academic Year Contract (inc GST) 
Berwick Halls - standard $252
Berwick Halls - ensuite $273

Compulsory fees

Application fee | Non-refundable $30
Acceptance fee | Applicable to 2024 applications $550


Linen and crockery pack $80
Late payment $55
Early arrival / late departure (per night) $32
After hours lock out $25
Replacement swipe card $30
Car parking permits | Mt Helen and Camp Street Residents $175

Total residency fees and charges are calculated using the above costs, and include a combination of the weekly rental cost, as well as other compulsory fees, and incidentals.

Overdue payments

If you do not pay as required by the schedule you may be sent an overdue notice. Every time we send you an overdue notice you will be charged a late fee to cover our expenses. Your dealings with the University may be affected if you owe money to us due to University Statute 9.1 - Fees and Charges. You can find an up to date copy of this on the University policy website.

Duration of residency

Academic year agreements are valid for 37 weeks.

Short-term accommodation

Fedliving offers a range of short-term accommodation options across our campuses at Ballarat, Berwick and Gippsland, with comfortable and flexible options for students, staff, members of the community, group bookings and more.

  2024 Rate
(inc GST)
Nightly rate starting from $91
Weekly rate starting from $273
Weekly placement short-stay accommodation
Federation placement students only, subject to placement confirmation
Find out more about Short Term Accommodation

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