Week 8: Health check

This week aims to encourage students to maintain their physical, mental and emotional health while studying, and encourage them to maintain contact with their lecturers/tutors and increase awareness of facilities over the lecture break.

Staff action check-list

  • Acknowledge that many students are exhausted in the lead up to lecture break, but that they can make it!
  • Include information about how to access the university’s health and well-being services in your lectures/tutorials
  • Encourage students to seek support from available health services
  • Include information about access to Unisports and its opening hours in your lectures/tutorials
  • Encourage students to take time out for themselves (work/life/school balance)
  • Promote online time management available through Learning and study website
  • Advertise counselling services Counselling and Support
  • Post University opening times / library opening times / what library offers over the break, found here
  • Readvertise student online support links on Moodle shells
  • Promote regular use of online resources (e.g. Moodle,’ YourTutor’, studyskills website)
  • Readvertise PASS & Ask Desk (availability times, although PASS programs may be on break also)
  • Post and remind students via Moodle of office hours and contact details for lecturers/program coordinators as appropriate, as well as availability
  • Make sure lecturers post lecture schedule on doors and any arrangements for the break if applicable
  • Consider having an online presence over the lecture break, advertise days and times clearly on Moodle
  • Remind and refer students to special consideration regarding assessments
  • Encourage students to take time out for family/friends over the break