Week 4: Study skills

The aim of this week is to develop students' awareness of the academic skills required to succeed and the support services than can assist them with those. Students are asked to explore the different types of assessment, and encouraged towards our online resources for helpful hints and tips. We also need to promote census date, with Semester 2 census date falling next week, Thursday 31st August.

Staff action check-list

  • If your students have an assessment due this week, reinforce the submission requirements and emphasise that this task is simply an early check point for their progress
  • Promote census date during lectures and explain the importance of census date and the associated financial implications
  • Promote the ASK, PASS and YourTutor services to students
  • Use a Learning Skills Advisor or Library staff to deliver a referencing workshop prior to written assignments being due
  • Familiarise yourself with academic support and referral procedures
  • Encourage students to seek assistance from academic support services
  • Show students where to find information and contact details for academic support services on the current students website
  • Include reference to 'studyskills' website during your lectures and tutorials
  • Send an email from Moodle promoting the 'studyskills' website and current student website
  • Advertise your availability for check in week - promote available times