Week 12: Re-read, revise, review ... it's the final countdown!

This week aims to build skills around revision, and encourage students to look back at the amount they have accomplished and learned. It should emphasise that they do know more than they might think.

Staff action check-list

  • Take the time to congratulate your students
  • Discuss what still needs to be done to finish off the semester
  • Revisit the work learnt thus far
  • Discuss good revision practice
  • Promote the studyskills website
  • Promote PASS
  • Encourage students to form study groups
  • Include information about academic services (ASK, PASS and YourTutor) and health and well-being services in your lecture
  • Include your contact details over SWOTVAC and exams
  • Include information about special consideration (which has different paperwork for exams), disability support, etc. in your lecture
  • For those that are brave enough… Play “The final countdown” at the end of your final lecture!